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Welcome to the cohort

cohort, noun: co·​hort | \ ˈkō-ˌhȯrt



A group of {the best kind of} humans who have something {in this case, feisty word nerdery} in common

The CRISP cohort is an online community space delivering high-touch support, regular Q&A sessions, pop up teaching and tutorials, and oodles of copywriting, branding, messaging, and feisty motivation to write what you mean specifically for women who have invested in a Crisp Copy course or program

So, you’ve taken a Crisp Copy copywriting course or two, but…

you have questions pop up every time you revisit a module

you have new ideas pouring from your creative brain you’d love to run past other women doing the same work

you’re hankering to have a copywritin’ brain on tap, ready to help you out when you get stuck 

all without having to book in a $550 1:1 session!

What if you could take everything you’ve learned so far? Every process, practice, formula, template, concept, and lesson…

and not only get help to implement it all {hello, accountability} but also the human who taught you the whole shebang at the end of your fingertips so when you have questions…

you can get them all answered?

Because best practice instructional design teaches us you’re about eleventy thousand percent (totes a number) more likely to see results from your education if you have live support, some kind of expectation and accountability, and a crew of folk working on the same things as you

This is the CRISP cohort

and you’re cordially (crisply) invited

What does cohort-ery get you?

Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting

Pop up lessons, tutorials, and copywriting education 

Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting

Fortnightly live Q&A sessions (ones you don’t have to turn up live to)

Weekday opportunities to bounce around new ideas in the FB group

Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting

The best women on the internet in one smashing community

Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting

Loyalty rate copywriting everything – from courses to 1:1 coaching

Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting

Only open to women who are part of the Crisp Copy course crew

Plus! I’ve been in business for 7 years.

In that time, I’ve built a brand that is often front-of-mind, written copy that brings in millions of dollars per year for clients, taught over 700 women to write words that sell through courses and programs, plus another 5 thousand or so through downloadables and workbooks. 

And I’ve done all that with 20 hours a week, juggling a chronic illness, a family, and being the penultimate dance mum. 

I’ve learned a lot of things. I keep learning even more.

And this is the spot I’ll be sharing all that hard-won business and brand building wisdom

Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting Kristi Lees

Copy confidence for less than a (weekday) week of coffee – only with more pep!

If you need someone to give you unsticking nudges on the phrases you’re stuck on, playfully highlight the things that aren’t working in your copy, AND sprinkle praise on the things that are great, this, with Jay, is for you.

I was worried I’d be cursed with blank pages while everyone powered ahead, or that I’d end that day feeling worse about the state of my copywriting skills.

The opposite of those things ended up being true!

The chats and guidance between focused writing sessions allowed me to get sh*t done. The 1-1 attention actually left me feeling confident about what I’d written, and put a spring in my step to finish up all the words that I’ve been stalling on for months (websites and emails anyone?).

I did come in pre-qualified, aka this wasn’t my first rodeo with Jay, and it certainly won’t be my last. If you can’t see the copy forest for the copy trees, you need one of these sessions in your life!”

Kristi Lees, FHC & Business Mentor for Coaches & Praccies


No one should write business (and life) changing copy alone. Certainly not you. That’s why this cohort is so valuable; not only do I have an enviable knack for attracting the best women in the world into my sphere, every woman in the cohort will have done similar, or exactly the same, copywriting training as you

Talk about finding a community where everyone is reading the same book (and most are on the same page – or they’ve already gotten to the next chapter!)

We work best when we can ask for help. And get it

That’s why the CRISP cohort exists

I’ve been in Jay’s community for nearly 2 years now and I’m not going anywhere! I still find soooooo much value. All these incredible supporting and inspiring women building business while raising children, loving their partners, dealing with issues  and living life.

Yes, we don’t only talk business, we do life together. A sisterhood. A safe place to fall on a sh*tty day. A place to celebrate your success and know others will cheer you on.

One of the best things is the incredible value on Jay’s live calls where you can bring your questions and get her immediate feedback. And yes, I found myself often just attending the sessions without a question, just to join with other businesswomen also working from home. And I learn something every time!

But my favourite part is the amazing friends I’ve made through this group. Friends who are impacting my life for the better. All thanks to Jay. And I thought I was just enrolling for a Copy Writing course to help me with my website…”

Riki Deale – Chief Zoo Tamer at Tame Your Zoo


Crisp Copy Class Membership Copywriting Kristi Lees

“But Jay, I already belong to 2349873497 FB groups I never even remember to participate in!”

Hello, my friend. Yeah, me too.

Here’s the thing: I know you spend at least 25 minutes a day staring at a screen wondering what to write, or trying to choose between two headlines, or editing single words in your Subject Line before you send, or wondering if your blog is perhaps actually 5 blogs and 15 social media posts and is your Sales Page just too long or what are you even doing with your life?!


So, don’t do that.

Have a question? Pop into the group or add it to the Q&A platform and get my advice quicksticks instead.

The truth is; everything, including writing, including business, including life, is easier with another pair of eyes on it

I’m in! Sign me up to the CRISP cohort at the 2021 price for 6 months or the year!

You’ll remain at the 2021 (yep, even if you sign up early 2022) price for life, as long as you don’t let your subscription lapse. Of course, you can cancel your spot in the cohort after 6 or 12 months, and choose to rejoin at the regular price anytime