People aren’t eating up your stuff?

Perhaps it’s because your copy is tasty as cardboard.

Ain’t nothing delicious about stale, boring, or scared. But where do you start?

Good copy needs flavour. And you don’t need to outsource to get it. You can write:

? copy with zing
? copy with crunch
? copy that sells

Download this free copywriting resource and whip up the first step in a brand that’ll have your reader wanting to lick their screen.

Before I did Jay’s word bank exercise I had no idea what words were really at the core of my business. I was lost in a sea of average and playing it safe. This 10 min exercise really helped me dig a little deeper and get some clarity on what I was REALLY trying to convey.

Not only did my copy get a quick facelift, I personally actually got a new kick of inspiration and a clearer image of what I was trying to convey with my messaging.

Now when I write a blog or even a social media caption, I have something to refer to that keeps me crisp and on track.

Jay’s Word Bank exercise + 10 mins / coffee = #crispAF

Kristi Lees, FDNP & CTNC – Health Detective and Wellness Coach