Make your reader

lick their screen

People aren’t eating up your stuff?

Perhaps it’s because your copy is tasty as cardboard.

Ain’t nothing delicious about stale, boring, or scared. But where do you start?

Good copy needs flavour. And you don’t need to outsource to get it. You can write:

?copy with zing
?copy with crunch
?copy that sells

And create branded messaging that stands apart from the other soggy veggies in the online world. Erk. Saggy turnips.

Download this free copywriting resource and whip up the first step in a brand that’ll have your reader wanting to lick their screen.

Not only did my copy get a quick facelift, I personally actually got a new kick of inspiration and a clearer image of what I was trying to convey with my messaging.

Jay’s Word Bank exercise + 10 mins / coffee = #crispAF”

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