Did you launch with a snazzy logo and some Lorem Ipsum?

Do you reinvent the brand wheel every time you decide to run a newspaper advertisement, go to hire a social media person, or try to write something for your website?

It might be because you don’t have a solid foundation of words for your brand.

Sister, I have you covered.

Download this free mini Crisp Copy Word Bank lesson and start pulling together a delicious collective of brilliantly branded words.

The entire process will take you around 10 minutes and you can begin to implement changes to your copy right away.


Before I did Jay’s word bank exercise I had no idea what words were really at the core of my business. I was lost in a sea of average and playing it safe. This 10 min exercise really helped me dig a little deeper and get some clarity on what I was REALLY trying to convey.

Not only did my copy get a quick facelift, I personally actually got a new kick of inspiration and a clearer image of what I was trying to convey with my messaging.

Now when I write a blog or even a social media caption, I have something to refer to that keeps me crisp and on track.

Jay’s Word Bank exercise + 10 mins / coffee = #crispAF

Kristi Lees, FDNP & CTNC – Health Detective and Wellness Coach