3 hour copy review and advice

$300 off and you bring the chai lattes

Open-book. No-holds-barred. 3 hours of power.

If you need a review of all your freshly written copy, from picking over your brand voice document to your About page, from your Sales page copy to your overall site structure, from Nurture sequences to your Sales sequences, your blogs, your consistency in your socials copy, and a general pass of every. single. way. you. communicate. online, this is it. 


✔️ 3 hours of uninterrupted one-on-one copywriting coaching over Zoom*  

✔️ A collaborative process to improve your new copy you wrote through doing the any of my courses, or any of the 1:1 training and templates I delivered you

✔️ Oodles of personalised advice, suggested edits, and future copy planning

* Or if you’d prefer me to pre-read and take some notes before we begin, I’ll give you an idea of exactly how much time that takes, and you can choose for me to use that time prepping instead 

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The value this dazzlingly brilliant woman brings to every minute of your coaching sessions is so ridiculous, I wanted to buy her a house after my first session.

In the 18 months since I’d taken on being a copywriter, I’d built a steady client base through word-of-mouth and was working with some fabulous businesses. Enough to be able to invest in my own branding, website and coaching from various others.

Yet, I agonised over the copy I wrote for my own brand for months (and over my own marketing in general).

I chose Jay when I did because I was about to launch my first website and was struggling to find confidence in my business voice (even though I’d done my brand work).

I could write in anyone else’s voice, but when it came to belting out my own brand-driven copy, I’d freeze at the fingertips!

Now, I’m SO excited about writing my own marketing copy and this reflects in the copy I write for clients too. And this is only one facet of what Jay can do for you.

Having Jay as a sidecar buddy in your fledgling business is not only hilariously fun, it’s downright necessary if you need that extra nudge butt-kick to break through any nagging self-doubt you might have about running your own business.

Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life—and genuinely brilliant ones are hard to find. Get Jay on your team, it’ll change your life.

Sarah Haslam – Copywriter, Polish + Punch

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