An ROI on a TOV and WTF?

Imagine you’re at a party. The room is filled with the crackle of conversation; you’re excited you’ve found a bunch of cool, like-minded people who have interesting things to say. You find a group of entrepreneurial types with sparkling wit and business chops for days...

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What Is A Long-Tail Keyword?

OR The Short Tale of the Long-Tail Keyword In Norse mythology, the monstrous Jormungandr was thrown into the heaving seas. His tail was said to be long enough to encircle the world and fit back into his own mouth: when he releases his tail, the end of the world...

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Micro Copy – A Little Bit Clever

Just because it's a button doesn't mean it's boring Just when you thought copywriting was all about the words, I’m going to break your heart. You’ve already heard the rants about copywriting being different to content writing but there’s more. Yep, I’m going to add...

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Digital Resources I Loved In 2018

If only I had a dollar for every time someone asked to pick my brain… I’d be able to take at least a month off. So, here’s a collection of my favourite digital things. Website themes, content resources, hosting, legals… all the good things that make your business look...

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Writing An About Page Got You In A Panic?

I’ve won awards for writing crisped copy for businesswomen in Australia and around the world. I have clients who won awards after I wrote for them. I’ve rewritten business brands in ways that not only tickle the people who do the communicating but also tick boxes for...

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Shouty Copy and Fornicating Fonts

PLEASE, STOP WITH THE SHOUTY COPY!! Did you quit your job, follow your dreams, sell your car and read everything about business building on the Google just to be SHOUTED AT? Heck, no! Shouty Copy isn’t good for anyone. It’s hurting my eyes, and frankly, it’s making...

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The Gendered Conundrum Of Worth

For this word-nerd bird, setting the dollar amounts I now charge scared me half to death. It was a trial by fire – complete with third-degree burns. For so many of the women I work with, deciding on your prices is fraught with fears. We find all sorts of crazy...

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The No-Trick New Blogger Strategy for Content Creation

It wasn’t so long ago that I spent a decent 12 hours sweating in anticipation, about to press ‘publish’ on my first blog. So, I feel your pain. Although I’d spent over a decade writing as an employee for various institutions, the first piece bearing my own name just...

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Copy and Design – A Website Love Story

As a bona fide, card-carrying word nerd, I’m always going to advocate good copy as the essential aspect of your business branding If we’re using marriage as the metaphor, let’s say copy is the wife. But, fair’s fair – design is an important facet. A union needs a...

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Why I Delete My Hard-Earned Email Subscribers

Decluttering is the latest buzzword, and the whole world has jumped on the organising bandwagon. (Except for me; I refuse to give up that clothes-pile-on-corner-chair in my bedroom). Decluttering promotes a sense of accomplishment, and the same applies to business....

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Slay At Social Media Copywriting

  Social media copywriting. It’s just information sharing, right? Like chatting. Yes, but as they say in the classics, it’s all in the delivery. The interwebs is a place where you have the whole world at your fingertips. At the touch of a button (or maybe a few)...

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What Is SEO Copywriting?

Sometimes, someone leans over to me at a workshop and whispers: “what the HECK is SEO writing and how do I do it?” SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can help your site climb up search engine results pages and catch the eye of more prospective customers and clients....

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Why I Can’t Meet You For A Quick Business Coffee

I am roaring through my inbox (still haven’t taken the time to set up the email filters like my business coach has taught me to), trying to maximise my writing time while handling incoming emails, upgrading my proposal document, and carefully scheduling every moment...

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization = SEO. If you’ve been on the internet in the past decade, you’ve probably heard the term, at least in passing. And it sounds pretty spiffy. I mean, just say it out loud – Search Engine Optimization. I feel like that’s the sort of thing that...

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What Is A Blog? (And Does My Business Need One?)

So, what is a blog? You’ve probably heard the term, unless you live in a sub-region of… no, hang on, they have internet too. People talk about blogging, or they might reference their favourite blogs, or they might start talking about starting a blog. If...

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Don’t Use Punctuation To Do A Word’s Job

If I tell you I have a thing against exclamation marks, will that bind you up so much you can’t Facebook message me anymore? Lookit, I like them. I even love them, in context. And on social media – A-OK to exclamation mark the heck out of your content in a...

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Website Sliders? Hate ‘Em. Here’s Why

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Like that time in the ‘80s when all the girls were sporting legwarmers (as a fashion item, not a tendon aide) until the whole world seemed to turn banana-yellow and popsicle-pink. Please stop, it hurts my eyes. It’s...

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What Does Above The Fold Mean?

If you’re planning to launch a smashing new website, you might have heard this term bandied about. The content that lives above the fold can make or break the conversion power of your website. Many people don’t know where the fold is, what’s meant to be...

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Website Headers Aren’t Just For Decoration

Oh, I'm just like you. I like the pretty ones. I like the white space and the watercolour edges and the curated... everything. But website headers? Those things are serious, yo. Every single week I work with women on their copy who are either ignoring headers or using...

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