Crisp Copy No More Boring Biography Template

This boredom-scrapping biography template will have you writing a brilliant bio without the tantrums. It includes:

✔️ prompts and instruction so you only have to write 2 sentences at a time (and then pull it all together at the end)

✔️ examples and ideas to inject humanity into your third-person brag


“Once upon a time, I was stuck writing my professional bio, my copy fairy dropped a magical PDF into my inbox and all of a sudden, I was no longer stuck! With just a few small but incredibly helpful cues, I whipped up my bio in seconds after I’d been staring at a blank Word document for hours beforehand.

Jay’s template made it really easy for me to get the words out, in the right order and infuse my personality in all the right places. Templates for the win!”

Kristi Lees – Health Detective (and owner of a ripper biography)

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