Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on the So Crisp Podcast! 

Your recording appointment has been successfully booked and this word-nerd can’t wait to chat.

It is important you read and save this message somewhere good as there is some important information within it, including specific details we need from you prior to your recording session.

This session will be conducted via Zoom using audio so please save this link:

Important things I need from you ASAP:

1. Fill out this form which asks you for:

2. Your headshot/s

– Please also send through a photo you are happy for us to use on the website and in the promotion of your episode across social media. This should be at least 900px sq.

3. Your 3rd person bio

4. Your website and any socials links you’d like in the shownotes 

– Include with the picture up to 3 links, website and two social platforms are ideal.

5. Your agreement you’re going to splash this podcast epsisode around everywhere. At least a couple of socials posts, 1 email, and linked to your website somewhere would be fabulous – please let me know if you don’t think you can do this as a fairtrade agreement, as episodes that aren’t listened to are very sad and it’s a tremendous amount of work on my end if you’re not going to sing about it everywhere! 

If you have any specific questions please feel free to email them through beforehand so I can answer them for you.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll no doubt have a podcast set up you’re happy with. If you’re new to being grilled…ahhh, I mean, interviewed whilst being recorded, 
Here are a few things to consider so you really shine on the recording day:

– I like to keep it snappy so the actual recording will be around 30 – 40 mins, but we allow 60 mins so we can have a chat before and after the actual recording time.
– This is a super relaxed style podcast so don’t worry if you faff it up or laugh too loud and let’s scrap the formalities. There’s enough of all that already online. 
– Please ensure you are in a super quiet space and ideally somewhere without hard flooring as it can make the audio echo too much. Carpeted floors are great if you can manage it! If not, maybe put a blanket down around you for the recording. Also laying a towel on your desk if you have a large, hard surface workspace can soften the sound.
– Have your phone on silent so we don’t have any distractions.
– We will be recording on Zoom with video off, unless we’ve already discussed we’re going full she-bang. Don’t stress about lighting and makeup.
– Try to ensure you don’t have too many files open on your computer and have things like Facebook logged out so we don’t get any noise distraction from notifications. The little chime isn’t easy to edit out.
– If at all possible please use good, working headphones. You don’t need anything fancy, Apple headphones are fine but we get a much clearer sound with headphones than without. (Also don’t worry if you sound very “loud and up close” in your own ear. My tech whizz can fix ‘too loud’ but it’s hard to fix ‘too quiet’.) 
– Please be prepared ahead of time so we can start recording soon after we connect on Zoom.

It’s very rare but I do reserve the right to not publish an episode if the recording quality is not able to be edited to our standards or the content feels like it is not in alignment with the Crisp Copy message or of value to our So Crisp listeners. If this does happen we will be very open with you about it but I do reserve the right to pull an episode (or not publish) under certain circumstances. 

Can. Not. Wait!  


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