“You can’t afford NOT

to be using Jay”

– actual quote from an actual agency owner

What do you get with a white-label premium Copywriter?
Someone who:

Speaks your language

Sells all the things (without taking any of the credit)

Gets along great with the team but can also work autonomously (and doesn’t expect a Chrissy bonus)

Doesn’t use your favourite coffee mug

Doesn’t chit chat whilst standing with the fridge door open

Will never whinge you don’t buy non-biodegradable toilet paper (but trusts you do)


and it’s currently whispering to itself in the corner

This is a job for Crisp (but you get to take all the kudos)


Crisp Copy Class Teal Apple

A client’s new Sales page paid for itself within 72 hours

Crisp Copy Class Pink Apple

Decreased the bounce rate on a Sales page by 66%

Crisp Copy Class Teal Apple

Improved a Sales page conversion rate to 50%

“This is the best Sales page I’ve ever read…” –

Elle Roberts, Marketing Maven and OBM about website copy for her client

What copy can I help with?

Website copy (About and Sales pages a specialty)

Email copy and sequences

Biographies that won’t bore a reader to death

Advertising copy and concepts

TOV guides

Lead magnets

Blogs and articles

Social media copy (editing only)


(just not in the Olympic-standard gymnastics way)

Here’s how we can work on your project together: 


You write. I consult

I charge a percentage on top of your project fee, I consult with your agency writer before they start the work and help them come up with a solid plan, then I swoop in before copy handover and give your agency-written copy a buff, polish, and super shiny shine before you take it to the client. Client sells all the things, you collect the praise


You client. I write

You’re the one contact for the project. You send me everything I need, I write the copy, you implement the changes. Secret squirrel style. Client makes the money, you collect all the praise


You write. I edit

I charge a much-reduced editing fee to edit your work, or the client’s draft. I give you a quote up front so you know how much to budget for and follow your agency’s instructions on how much content editing is required. Client is happy as Larry, you collect the praise

“This is the best Sales page I’ve ever read…” –

Elle Roberts, Marketing Maven and OBM about website copy for her client

Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Copywriting Services

How’s about I take that troublesome copy off your hands?

Your clients deserve to be heard. Only thing is, they’re trying to make a noise on the internet. There are a lot of brands shouting and it’s hard (and sometimes a bit terrifying) to stand out online. 

And you have an agency to run. 

Your clients are smart – really good at their ‘thing’ and, well, they chose you, right? You’ll do incredible things with their website, their branding, their positioning.

Now you just need fantastic, converting copy. 

If you flick me the copy, you guys can go on a team-building day, or go book another client, or heck – take a day off and get a massage. Sheesh, can you imagine? 

I’ll write copy that makes mouths water.

And your clients’ bank balances applaud. 


I’m Jay Crisp Crow and here’s stuff you need to know about me if you’re thinking I might be a great addition to your team

  • Made 3 months of income in 3 days with a mid-length Sales page and a warm list (and sold out)
  • Normally doesn’t like labels but accepted “High Priestess of Copy” from Dr Ricci-Jane Adams after tackling her program Sales page in 2017
  • Works SEO keywords into copy so organically, it could be certified
  • Plays nicely with others
  • Been at this for 5 years as a solo operator and 13 years as an employee and made a whole lot of people a whole lot of money
  • Uses innate empathetic and intuitive powers to read between ‘your’ lines so I can get in the head and heart of your ideal clients
  • Doesn’t accept copy work for products or services I’m not completely aware or totally comfortable with (but will recommend you onto someone great for you)
  • Teaches other people who want to be copywriters how to do this stuff
  • Generally has a 4 week lead time but can whack on a rush rate if you need a quick turnaround
  • Leaves ego at the door
  • You’re still reading this right now. That says something, right?
  • Has a juicy assortment of testimonials you can read through here

Charges less for white label work. Huzzah!

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