I attended a seminar about money last year, and yet I just learned something that totally relates to writing your own copy.

The subconscious mind keeps us safe – that’s its job. It keeps our heart beating and our lungs filling up with air and a bit of our brain focused on where we are in the space so we’re not eaten by a saber tooth tiger or run over by an Uber driver.

One of the ways it does this is by keeping things THE SAME.

When you start challenging that status quo your subconscious will react. It might even have a bit of a tantrum. Because it needs you to keep believing the stories you have built:

? You don’t have time

? You’re not a good writer

? You don’t know enough to take action

? There are other aspects of your business you need to prioritise

? You can’t use the tech

? You’re waiting until you understand more

If reading through that list makes you feel a bit tingly, here’s what the (money) lady says;

Take these 3 actions –

1. Be aware.
Translated to mean – what DO you believe about your ability to write the words you really want to represent your business and your brand?

2. Have a declutter.
Translated to suggest – figure out why you’re so married to this way of thinking about your skill set and then find a way to be more responsible for the job at hand.

3. Make small changes. Daily.
Tiny actions. But every day. That doesn’t mean you have to write every day, but do something about the commitment you made to tackle your website and branding and messaging. Every day.

Now, I’ve given you this translated advice about what I learned about dosh (and related it to writing copy), I guess I’ll need to implement it for my numbers now, damn it.

Thanks to the Women Rocking Wealth seminar and Lianne Grove for the money advice (these are her 3 points above) I morphed into writing advice.

Because, you know, I make everything about words.

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