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It can sound pretty glam, being a professional musician. It’s often not. It’s darn hard yakka, and I tip my hat to anyone making a go of it.

I worked for years and years just to land the voice work I did and it wasn’t headlining the dream Broadway show where I would make my coin.


It was singing the National Anthem.


Australians all and ostriches (not the actual lyric).

And a couple of times a year, the Star Spangled Banner.

The first time I turned up for the Australian then USA National Anthem gig, I was attired in a beaded dress I was literally poured into, and took teeny tiny steps in my high-heeled platforms to get around.

Only getting around meant trudging through mud to the middle of a dirt pit towards a giant Monster Truck in front of a couple thousand people.

And when I got there?

I discovered the mic was set up on the back of the truck tray

…and Monster Trucks don’t have ladders.

You know what they do have?


Flipping. Huge. Wheels.

Guess how you get onto the back of a Monster Truck tray?

Yep, you climb. Up the wheel.

16 years of training, goodness knows how many tens of thousands of dollars of my Mother’s teaching salary spent in classes and workshops, so much practice, and the kind of PR you had to do back in the day pre-internet where you had to literally get a foot in the door to impress someone enough to get the gig.

And here I was.

Stuck in the muck.

Without the scaffolding to help me get to the place where I could actually do my job.

This conundrum is universal.

It doesn’t just apply to folk in too-small, beaded dresses and platforms who have to climb a truck wheel to sing a song.

It certainly applies to anyone running their own show – you can have all the talent in the world and not be able to find the structure to help you reach the people you need to reach:

the audience who are waiting around for you to get your patootie into gear.

If that feels like you, I’m involved in something that might just hit the right note for you at the moment.

It’s me and some of the internet’s best clever folk who have bundled up a whole heap of resources specifically for coaches (or anyone who helps other people do their thing better) and made the whole shebang a total no-brainer price of $99USD. (That’s over $7K of goodies for that price!)

Think everything you need to boost the emotional appeal of your courses. 

It is only available for the next couple of days, and I’ve included some email templates I think will be really helpful if you’re looking to get some engagement and lovey dovey feelings from your new subscribers which I think some of you will appreciate.

You don’t even have to teeter through mud.

I hope you love it, I hope your week is beyond fabulous, and I hope your ‘coaching’ (or whatever you call being of service to the humans who need you) turns out to be pitch perfect.

Check it out here.


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