There are some seriously cool copywriters who can convert with some black text on a white screen.

For the rest of us, there’s Canva.

Because copy needs a strong, beautiful partner and visuals are just the love-match required.

If you’ve been mucking around sending out ugly pricing guides, or – worse! – avoiding creating a Sales funnel because your opt in looks like a Word Doc your 3-year-old whipped up, these cost-effective downloadables are about to skyrocket your copywriting business brand chops.

This bundle is at the top end of the purchase price range but includes a whole treasure trove of editable goodies. There are also pro versions for those of you who don’t rely on Canva. #jealous

Yeah, about that ugly Pricing Guide. Try this:

Thinking about using Pinterest as part of your content marketing plan? Do. Not. Faff. Just grab one of these.

If strong and bold is your gig, this graphic bundle will support your YES-worthy lead magnet.

or this one with a checklist built-in. Because no one likes fiddling with those tick icons.

Maybe you’re thinking about running your first word-nerd workshop. GO YOU!

Now! No more excuses, go build that email list and get big fat “YES!” to your pricing proposals.

This blog contains affiliate links. Hooray for passive income!

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