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Jay Crisp Crow is a copywriter and copy coach working with women in business around the globe. She’s the head copy bird at Crisp Copy, speaker at Jay Crisp Crow, founder of the Crisp Copy Class, and chatterbox on So Crisp – this here podcast.  Find out more about her here: and  

About the So Crisp Podcast:

So Crisp is a fresh podcast where Jay brings together word nerdy guests from fellow copywriters to branding folk and also general clever clogs’, to deliver tasty tips, fresh ideas, and totally random thoughts about copy, branding, positioning, messaging, marketing, the labels we use, musicals, and the mess we call life.

Sound like your cup of tea?

Being a guest on the podcast is a great way to show your chatty, not so business side while still showcasing your authority in your zone of genius (or out of it, depending on what we’re talking about!)  

There will be an opportunity for you at the end of the show to mention what cool stuff is happening for you in business right now and any offers and all URLs will be linked in the show notes on the Crisp Copy website. We’ll also expect you rave about your episode (and any others that tickle your fancy) all over your socials and email.

Please listen to the current podcast episodes here before you submit your pitch.

If you have questions, email me!

If you’re ready to pitch, here’s the magical form.


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