Having an effective social media marketing strategy is an integral part of increasing the number of views your site receives, and growing your audience

It may seem fairly straightforward, you just post a few things on Facebook or Twitter and people click on the links,

but how exactly do you pull in the most people from these posts?

Firstly, as a copywriter, I’m always going to believe good content comes before algorithms, strategy, and handstands.

You don’t think Constance Hall pays for advertising, do you? No, she’s just downright engaging.

For the rest of us mere mortals, or Queens, just in case Constance is reading, (I love you, Constance, I honestly do) getting the most out of your social media posts takes some time and effort;

…basically you need to know what you are going to say and when you are going to say it

Consistent posting is one of the most important aspects to good social media engagement. Sorry folks, this means daily, not monthly. No social media strategy is going to be particularly efficient if there aren’t any regular posts or updates. Posts will normally appear on other users’ accounts chronologically and, therefore, to ensure that you get the most coverage you need to make sure that you have posts that are appearing regularly.

To run a social media marketing strategy, you must also understand your audience.

Yep, this is the bit where I bang on all the time about knowing your ideal client

Taking advantage of demographics and learning how your audience use social media (are they Facebook addicts, Instagrammers, Pinterest aficionados?) is key to creating posts that they will click on and share. Taking time to work out what your audience wants from a social media post allows you to create content that will speak to them and hook them in the heart.

There are a number of different ways to get your business or blog on social media, which gives you the ability to create diverse and varied social media strategies. You can use the “traditional” social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or the more photo-centric Instagram and Pinterest.

I am a bona fide Social Media Raving Fan. I love that there is a platform for whatever content you want to put out there. Instagram allows you to share photos of what’s going on day-to-day from anywhere, so if you are about to start a review of an item you can post an image on Instagram to let your users know that new content is on its way.

Or if you are releasing a new product or launching an event, you can post pictures of the development and organisation stages of this process to give your followers a more personal view of your business.

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Users will like seeing how you work and what you are doing from day-to-day, because it gives your business a face that they can associate with your products and sites

Facebook posts allow you to create more detailed content with more information, and even links to other pages and events, so that you can connect all of your information to the one post. Facebook is Facebook-centric, so they are always updating the platform to encourage us to basically live there. Like all social media marketing strategy, however, it’s important to remember we’re using social media as a conversation platform, not as a home. Your website is still your haven and your social media should only be driving people back to where you want them – your website.

Use social media to create a more personal and conversational image of your company. Users can contact you directly and you can reply without having to exchange any details. There is nothing to stop you having conversations with customers so that you can give them any help and information they need.

A fantastic, well-considered social media marketing strategy is an integral part of growing your online presence and following. Your followers will also affect your SEO rating and the overall public image of your brand. Therefore, it is incredibly important to create a content plan that suits you, and that connects with your audience. This requires some research and work to get right, but if it is all done correctly then your traffic and user base should grow and grow and explode like happy confetti-filled balloons, all over your beautiful brand.

See you on the SM. 


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SEO isn’t a quick, one-off solution that can be completed in only a few weeks. It’s time to start thinking of SEO for what it is – a new way of life for your blog. As your site evolves, with growing content, updates and new directions, you’ll need to constantly evaluate if it’s still delivering the results you’d like – and how you’ll achieve them if it isn’t.”

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