You know, you think, “it’ll just be this one job” and then you pull the thing apart a bit and realise you need 56 more (wo)man-hours, 2 extra pairs of hands, 4 trips to Bunnings for tools you can’t pronounce, and a degree in something engineeringy?

It goes for home renos. And websites.

Every time I run a live round of the Crisp Copy Class I take my own site in hand and ensure I’m actually practising what I preach.

Last year graced me with the knowledge my messaging wasn’t entirely living up to everything I stand for. That was tough. I was doing a lot of shouty-Jay about writing what you mean and leaving a legacy and some of my own messaging was still scared-little-writer-chick-in-the-corner-happy-to-sound-like-every-other-damn-person-on-the-internet. Yes, that’s a vibe.

2020 delivered the realisation I was offering services women wanted, rather than what *I* wanted to deliver. Not only that, but the hundreds and hundreds of women I’ve worked with in a copywriting mentor capacity had already proven I knew what a brand needed to get from ‘meh’ to ‘magnifico!’, and I wasn’t being true to that knowledge.

So, services got a pretty severe haircut.

Some Crisp Copy links may be affiliate links - like the ones in this blog. Hello, recurring income is amazing and don’t we all want to work smarter? Howbeit, I’ll never recommend anything I don’t think is absolutely the coolest thing since Botox parties. Also, howbeit is the grooviest word in this post. Yes, totally copied this disclaimer from the bottom of my emails - I'm so amused I'm fully prepared to repeat myself. 

Then, as the universe likes to do, my decision-making was both tested and justified. Does this happen to you? Within 24 hours of making the big cull decision I’d booked a whip-smart, massively talented and super hard-working copywriter who wanted me all to herself for a quarter and also been offered a silly amount of money to write copy I don’t write. You know how it goes.

I love a refreshed website. I love this new revamp – with emphasis on the vamp – so hard that image on the Home page makes me flutter my eyelashes at myself. For a fat, middle-aged, ex-bulimic, disabled woman, that’s a hard call. But I love myself SICK on this new, improved website. It’s been such an evolution from the days of selfies and being too scared of branding colours I only ever had black and white with a touch of teal because I couldn’t pick a mood board to save myself.

Lastly, listen: websites are cool. Mine has worked for me and sold for me and made me money while I sleep and helped me build relationships with some of the best and brightest businesswomen around.

But you don’t have to have a fandanglespangledwhizzbang one to start with.

I didn’t have a website for the first 6 months of my business and still managed to quit my job 18 months after I launched. ‘

So, take a look at mine, (if you’re a copywriter or here to see what you can screenshot for your Swipe File, that’s cool, but did you know I will happily GIVE you my advice if you just book in a 1:1 with me?) but if you’re at the beginning of your business building adventure, don’t let not having slick airbrushed photos put you off singing your own song loud and proud in the online world.


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