Oh, I’m just like you. I like the pretty ones. I like the white space and the watercolour edges and the curated… everything.

But website headers?

Those things are serious, my friend.

Every single week I work with women on their copy who are either ignoring headers or using them for decoration.

H1, H2, and H3 headers (and the others – but how many sub sub sub subheadings do you need?) do an important job, other than break up the copy on your page and make it more easily consumable for your reader.

They’re SEO copywriting tools

Headers are used for on-page SEO to tell Google what your page is all about.

Using a header is a bit like jumping up and down in front of Google and hollering; “Oi! This blog here is all about the most header friendly copywriter on the internet, OK?”

Google doesn’t mind being hollered at because the hollering headers make it easier for them to glean what you’re all about and what you want to rank for. They get that copy in headers is more important than paragraph copy. Your readers get that too. They’ve been well trained by years of trawling the ‘net for information (and shoes) and know what the bigger letters mean = 

More. Important.


So, if you’ve set up your H1 with a pretty font only because it looks good, reevaluate.

Could you use your long tail keyword in that header? Perhaps in your H2?

(However, you’re never ignoring readability and user experience for the sake of a keyword – right?)

Lastly, Google likes it when you count in order.
– 1 x H1 (at the top)
– 1 x H2 (next in line – perhaps a snazzy subheading including your keyword)
– 1 x H3 (to really punch out a concept)

And that’s one difference between content creation and copywriting – doing both is a bit of magic.

So, we appreciate gorgeous. We like luscious user experience where branded, delicious fonts woo the viewer. But we also respect both Google and our readers – so let’s spend a bit of time giving some love to our headers some time soon.

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