These two handsome performers have something in common.

It’s not experience, because Magnus Danger Magnus (bigger one on the right) has been on stage for half of his life and works full time as a professional performer. It’s not just the jacket, because Hugo’s (smaller one on the left) was hired and a touch too big for him, Magnus’ was custom made. It’s not even they’ll be performing at the same charity event in July, raising money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation – Magnus as the MC, Hugo in his first ever big event performance.

It’s passion.

And you know, if I’ve used that word, it’s because it’s the best one – the word that fits.

It’s a driving force that means within 39 seconds of these two being in a room together for the first time, they found common ground, common language, got louder, laughed and joked, and were complimenting each other and asking respectful questions full of interest – seeking further connection.

Magnus Danger Magnus may have a good 2 decades of performance experience on Hugo, but in Hugo’s eyes, that’s longer than a lifetime and more know-how than he could even imagine. He’s 4879 steps beyond Hugo, but even 10 steps ahead, in Hugo’s eyes, Magnus has something to teach.

Hugo may have never danced at a live event besides a ballroom dancing competition before, but in Magnus’ eyes, Hugo has something to teach.

That’s exactly how your reader feels when they realise you have something to teach them – even if you only feel a couple of steps ahead of them at any stage. They’re Hugo, you’re Magnus Danger Magnus. (How cool, go you!)

But, do you do it like Magnus when your ideal client walks into a room?

Are you as interested in what they have to offer you? Do you ask yourself what they’re delivering – besides an investment? Do you want to sit with them and ask them all the questions? Do you want to pick their brain, make them feel important, comfortable, like they have something really valuable to give – besides their participation? Do you search to find common language, get on their level, find true interest in their perspective?

And – if you’re a coach – and this is a doozy: are you willing to educate them to the point they can take up space on a stage with you?

I don’t know if Magnus Danger Magnus still gets nervous before he steps on stage. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise during this photoshoot even if I wanted to ask. But I do know, if Hugo gets the opening night wobblies, there’ll be someone he looks up to, raising his makeuped eyebrows, sparkle in his eye, saying “you can do this, mate”. And because they’ve shared their stories and found that connection now, my small boy will believe him.

Do you make your people feel that way?

How do you know?

Well, you could ask them.

You could have conversations, ask for their viewpoints, take notice of the words they choose to use and those they avoid, see things from their perspective, be interested in how they see the world – even outside what you have to offer them.

That’s the first step in the first lesson of the first module of the Showstopper Sales Page course. Finding your own voice, learning to use it, and then blending it with your ideal clients’ voice.

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