Crisp Copy Class Alumni Showcase – Tarryn Reeves

Meet Tarryn from Zimpasha

OBM | Ridiculously Organised Tech-Loving Extraordinaire | Crisp Copy Class Alumni

Tell us about the moment you decided to start your own business. What was the catalyst?

My business started by accident. I was made redundant a week before I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t get a job due to my ‘situation’ so I decided to do my own thing. I took all of the skills I had gathered over the years and offered them to overwhelmed entrepreneurs. The rest is history.

What do you utterly love about running a business?

I love being able to have a business that is flexible to me and being able to choose who I work with. The biggest bonus though is the work uniform – fluffy socks anyone?

What drives you bonkers about marketing, branding, and businessing?

I am so sick of the belief that you have to push and work really hard to create a succesful business. It is simply not true. Create a brand that truly reflects you, know who your ideal client is, show up with a belief in yourself and your service and the rest will come.

What prompted you to sign up for the Crisp Copy Class?

I had been stalking Jay for a while and love her fun style. I decided to sign up to hone my copywriting skills so that I could further serve my clients.

What has the Crisp Copy Class helped you achieve, that you wouldn’t have been able to DIY?

A clearer understanding of how to write to appeal to an audience.

What’s your favourite piece of copy you wrote in the CCC?

I love my About page.

Tell us a randomly delicious thing about you not already all over the internet?

I was born in Africa.
I can lick my elbow.
I have books stashed all over the house.

What’s next for you and your brand and your business?

I am gearing up for a full rebrand in January 2020 under my own name. I will be offering Holistic Business Management services, launching a tech lab and offering coaching and mentoring.

Tarryn Reeves is a mother, business owner and chai lover who has a background in Criminology, Logistics and Rostering before having her daughter and creating the kind of life she always wanted. Turns out that Tarryn is brilliant at helping overwhelmed business owners turn their chaos into ease. She heals broken business systems and becomes an invaluable resource for her clients.

A lover of all things natural, Tarryn loves to explore alternative ways of living. She practices yoga and meditation and has her Reiki attunement. She is still learning to breathe and control the twitching when she spies a system that needs to be organised.

Connect with her on all the usual online social places and at her Zimpasha website here:

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