So, what is a blog?

You’ve probably heard the term, unless you live in a sub-region of… no, hang on, they have internet too.

People talk about blogging, or they might reference their favourite blogs, or they might start talking about starting a blog. If you don’t have one, you can feel a bit left out. (Don’t worry, we can fix it.) So, should you want one?

A blog is an abbreviated term for weblog. A weblog is, as the name suggests, a log on the web. We’re delving into history now, folks. Think of it as a journal or diary, but in most cases, it is available for the whole world to see. It’s a fairly recent term – the term ‘weblog’ has only been around since 1997, ‘blog’ has only been around since 1999 – but the creation of the term has given birth to several variations. So in our quest to answer the question what is a blog?, let’s start with some simple definitions.

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What is a Blog? The official definition.

Blog (n): Derived from we(blog). A weblog is a journal/diary that is maintained on the web.

Blogger (n): A person who keeps a blog. For example, an individual who maintains a blog on celebrities would be a celebrity blogger.

Blog (v): To write in a blog. For example, an individual who wants to discuss a recent movie online is going to blog about it.

Blogging (v): The practice of writing in a blog. For example, an individual who is writing an online journal entry about their new car is blogging about their new car.

The beauty of the modern age of technology is that anyone can write a blog. Back in the early days of the internet, navigating the web was a task reserved for only the hardiest technical whizzes. Nowadays, there are various sites that allow users to quickly and easily post their thoughts to the internet, such as WordPress,, and Squarespace. Many of these sites allow you to create a blog for free, with additional perks available for those willing to pay money.

So, why should you blog?

I’m often asked if blogging really is that important for business. The answer is: only if you want more visitors and potential customers.

Ahhh, that’s all of us!

There are countless reasons why people blog. Perhaps they possess an extroverted personality and simply want to express themselves. Maybe they’re lonely and looking to connect with like-minded people. Maybe they’re passionate about a subject, and enjoy talking about it. Or maybe they’re creative and blogging allows them an outlet for that creativity.

In business, we blog because Google is happy when we regularly provide excellent content to our readers proving we’re engaging with our audience, but, more importantly, because it’s where the falling in love happens.

Your business blog is simply a platform for your reader to get to know you, get to like you, and begin to trust you.

Your prospective, ideal client, that one that will be a loyal advocate to your brand until you retire, they’re looking for you right now. How will they find you?

Good blogs, with fantastic content, decent SEO, and shareable copy, will improve your content marketing strategic outcomes by leaps and bounds

I’ve ghost blogged and edited for every industry from real estate to medical, business to website designers, and even other writers. I’ve written as midwives, salon owners, wellness professionals, nutritionists and business coaches, life coaches and sports coaches!

Every website in every industry could do with a bit of blog love.

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