Imagine a business podcast like no other. Where the focus is on amplification of women’s voices, where issues that impact businesswomen are unpacked, discussed with intelligence (and some hilarity), and perspectives are changed, where the advice delivered is from lived experiences – advice you can take what you need from and implement something right away.” ~ Listener turned guest, Neha Awasthi

So Crisp Podcast

a tasty, bite-sized podcast that serves business, bravery, branding, beauty, sex, love, motherhood, womanhood, feminism, labels, psychology, marketing, messaging, mavenry, musicals and the mess we call life, all deliciously dished up and ready to consume.

In fact, is there anything we don’t discuss?

Not with Jay Crisp Crow – Copywriting Queen from Crisp Copy in the kitchen. Hope you’re hungry!

So fresh. So good. So Crisp.

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