“Talking to business owners about their ownership of their work, there is a real spectrum from “this belongs to the universe – everyone can use it” through to “this is my preeeeeccccecious!”

The Business of Copyrighting and Copywriting – Michelle Whitehead

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Michelle Whitehead is an Australian lawyer and accredited mediator who provides creative entrepreneurs with the ultimate tools for business self-care. So naturally I invited her onto So Crisp to chat about all things wonderful in the world of words.

Copywriting and copyrighting. What’s the difference? Let’s find out!

Michelle guides us through copyright, business names, and the beauty of descriptive words.

The Crisp Takeaways

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3 things we need to know about the concept of business names and IP and copyright:

1. Copyright protects works of creativity.

This includes literary works, so in the context of business that is your blog posts, marketing, etc., artistic works (graphics, photographs), and dramatic works (videos, podcasts).

2. It does not protect words or phrases – like business names – these need to be trade marked if you want to protect them.

3. Importance of Due Diligence, once you have a shortlist of names you like.


Connect with Michelle

Michelle provides legal advice and Contracts that Care for Australian entrepreneurs so they can ground their beautiful businesses on firm foundations. 

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