“How dare I? I’m just a hairdresser. I used to talk myself out of heaps of stuff but… you don’t get a label for doing stuff before you do it”

From Funky Hairdresser to Massive Charity Gala Event Organiser

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Alex Meadows is one of Perth’s most fabulous hairdressers. She doesn’t do your Nan’s hair (though she would if your Nan was cool) but instead her IG showcases an array of delectable and delicious colours like rainbow ice creams.

Squished together in a stretch limo, talking about hair and what do you do for a buck and suddenly I’m showing Alex my little guy’s Instagram and he’s booking his first ever gig performing alongside a whole bunch of professional performers. Because I am the ultimate dance mum. 

During that “what do you do for a living?” conversation, straight after Alex said she was a hairdresser, she said “but I’m running my first huge charity event next year” and I was fascinated.

Who decides they can take something like this on with no experience of running events?

What could possibly go wrong?

And would she tell me if I asked her?

I know there are plenty of you in events who have been hit hard by the last 2 years and plenty more of you who would love to do something like this, so Alex agreed to come on So Crisp and share it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly cries.

“The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

If not you, who? And if not now, when? 

Half of the women doing incredible things are only doing it because they decided they’d have a crack. And I didn’t have anyone around me who told me this was a really stupid idea. 

Don’t take the first answer as a brick wall, take it as a boogie board.

And buy a ticket!


Alex Meadows The Great Spectacular Show

Connect with Alex

Alex Meadows is the driving force behind The Great Spectacular. This is Alex’s first charity event of this scale. Alex is a hairdresser in Victoria Park that just knows a lot of cool, talented and theatrical people, and she makes sure she tells them every time you visit. Alex is the biggest supporter of her clients, and when they are performing Alex will try to support where she can.

Alex has been hairdressing since 1999 and what a ride it has been. She has absorbed so much of people’s stories and has learnt that the textures of tapestry for people’s lives is amazing, she has learnt so much from everybody she worked with.

Find normajeanjimmydean here.

And buy a ticket to The Great Spectacular here.


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