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Join me for the first So Crisp episode of the new Listener’s Choice Series.

This series is a gem-filled collection of So Crisp favourites, as voted by your downloads and capacity to soak up Crispness via your earholes.

I’ll be revisiting some of the most loved guests and most interesting topics, many with the benefit of hindsight after business – and life! – changed for all of us due to the pandemic.

Content and Courses In The New World with Sam Winch

So Crisp Podcast Listener’s Choice

Welcome back to Sam Winch, the course creator who sounds like she could be a lunchtime food, for our special So Crisp Listener’s Choice series.

Sam’s 2020 So Crisp episode is one of our most listened to episodes, and for obvious reasons:

1. She’s a superstar
2. February 2020, when her episode – Courses, Content, and Fibs About Passive Income – hit airwaves was right before the whole world changed.

So, now she’s back to talk about what has changed in her world, in her industry, in the world of courses, and for us, too.


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Alex Meadows The Great Spectacular Show

Connect with Sam

Yes, if you say my name too fast I sound like a popular lunchtime food option.

I spend my time creating courses, and helping others to create their own amazing courses and workshops.

I work with passionate people just like you, to take all of that “stuff” out of their head and turn it into a course.

With over 16 years experience facilitating and a decade of building courses, I can make the process quick, easy and plenty of fun.

I’ve been training for most of my career. My background in retail management means that I’ve been managing and training teams of 30 – 100 since I was 18. When I escaped the world of retail I realised that it wasn’t the sell that I had loved, but teaching others.

I want you to launch and sell some amazing courses for your audience, and I’m here to help you do it.

Find out about Sam here.

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