“Accessibility is more than just mirrors in disabled toilets and ramps – it’s at the heart of inclusion”

Accessibility, Inclusion, and Startup Life with Amber Dennis

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Amber Dennis recently said to me, “sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. And the fact she’s my baby cousin from my favourite side of the family may be a bit of a disclaimer as to why she never had to pitch to be on this podcast. But, ultimately, she’s wrong about the balance of importance of her statement.

Because the most important part of this incredible blend she’s put together to create herself – and the world – wheeliegoodperth is, in fact, what she knows.

With 35 years of lived experience of being a disabled person, just as many major operations under her help, and an adulthood of being a wheelchair user, Amber has – what you could safely say is – a darn fine knowledge base about accessing the world in a different way. 

In 2021, after years of barriers to her inclusion and access, and throwing in some pretty major life changes, AND having never run a business before, in the midst of a pandemic, she launched wheeliegoodperth. 

And boy, has Perth responded with a resounding YES PLEASE.

So many of the fine women I interview on this podcast are at the point where they’re years and years into their first, second, multiple streams of income over multiple businesses. Amber is fresh, wheeliegoodperth is brand new, and I thought it would be helpful for our startup listeners to hear her story so far and be able to ask her all the questions while being so new to the business world is still such a recent turn of events for her. 

In this episode, Amber mentions her copy mentoring work with me. If that’s something you’d like to find out about, here’s the basics:

Crisp Copy Mentoring is for women in business who want to learn to write to sell all their stuff (or do that for their clients).

It’s fundamentally:

+ ME 


You get to rent my copywriting and branding brain and get me on your team as your on-call copywriting mentor. Together, we’ll take your business from “meh” to “tears-of-joy marvellous” in 12 (funner-than-you’d-think) sessions.

Part mentorship. Part pit crew. All open-book.

For all women in business.

VAs, copywriters, and marketing pros also welcome. (Yes ma’am, I’m happy to teach you everything I know so you can Crisp it like Jay.)

Find out more (or apply) here

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Connect with Amber

Amber is a traveller, accessibility advocate, total foodie (without the snob), writer, disability and inclusion speaker, life-long learner, lives with Spina Bifida, wheelchair user, mother, lover of purple, and accidental influencer.

Find out about Amber here.

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