“You have to, as an entrepreneur, choose to believe the best about people”

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I’m starting to think I have a hidden talent. I think it might be making a career out of copywriting seem like the ultimate in life goals, because every year I welcome massage therapists, business coaches, naturopaths, and women from all other walks of life into my group coaching and 1:1 mentoring crew and slowly, but surely, they figure out they could be conversion copywriters.

And they’re right.

Gabi Angelina spent her childhood wanting to be a writer, but like so many of us, was told that wasn’t the most sensible choice for an income generating career.

So she was a teacher, then a Principal, then a music specialist, then owned a business teaching piano, taking that online when COVID hit in the US. Moving her entire business model to a virtual one led her to realise she had a specific talent for making tech easy – she consumed courses like cornflakes and actually implemented what she knew – with very little stress or fuss. She understood funnels, and zaps, and automations, and upsells, and the way humans access information through a building block system – slowly being educated to get to the point they can figure out what they really need – that all just made sense to her.

When we started working together around a year ago, it was fairly obvious writing was one of her many gifts. The way Gabi approaches copy is strategic, because the way Gabi thinks about everything she learned about funnels is strategic. And I think that’s one of the reasons she writes such beautifully converting copy – every word has a purpose – and Gabi seems to have a God given talent to know what that purpose is.

Take a listen:

So Crisp Takeaways

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2.57 – My parents are Mexican and Cuban immigrants and my father said to me “you will never make money with your words, you actually need to go do something that will pay you money and words will not pay you any money.” I remember being heartbroken but I was a good girl, I did what everyone told me to do.

9.33 – as you mentioned earlier, I’m a habitual course taker. I’ve probably invested a 6 figure investment over the last couple of years because…I love to learn… so I was in this group… they were all caught up in, “what email marketing platform should I use?”… and I’m just like “who cares? An email marketing platform is going to do what an email marketing platform is going to do – deliver your emails…”

You can always download your platform and transform it to another. Just pick one. It doesn’t matter. What matters more is your message your brand is trying to put out into the world because, hello, it’s a noisy and crowded space out there so how are you clarifying your message? And how are you serving your people that only uniquely you are positioned to serve?

13.35 – You don’t need all the bells and whistles and all the fancy things to be able to take your content and your product out to the world. What I do believe though, is that we are in the business…we lose the fact we’re in the business of people; not products and not services. If you’re in the business of people the entire point of your brand is to connect with people so you can serve and help those people and alleviate their pain points and give them a better version of themselves.

32.17 – think about every movie you’ve ever watched, if the hero gets the girl within the first 15 minutes…. or he unplugs the bomb – no body wants to watch a movie that’s 2 hours long when the hero already solved the problem in the first 15 minutes. Everyone wants to be inspired… it really goes to, as a business owner, what do you believe about your prospective buyer?… You have to, as an entrepreneur, choose to believe the best about people.

Plus, Gabi explains different ways to create a funnel, and the copy you need for them. 


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Connect with Gabi

Gabi is a linen-obsessed, iced-coffee-loving launch strategist, Kajabi designer, & copywriter helping women-owned brands make converting connections with greater impact..

Find out about Gabi here.

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