I thought I was brave in the business world, but in other ways I was full of it. I really got to understanding it more fully when I decided to own it in all its awkwardness in all areas of life”

Awkward and Brave – Belle Lockerby

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Belle Lockerby burst into my life because I procrast-Insta. She doesn’t know it, but I’m living a life vicariously through IG sensation Lady Jo of Tasmania and, a couple of months ago, Jo posted something about her incredible, vivacious, brilliant friend Belle and her new book.

So, of course, I stalked Belle. And found my favourite Perth branding photographer, AJ Harrington, also loved her to pieces. And then I consumed all Belle’s Instagram stuff, not knowing she’s a former copy goddess, and fully and incorrectly assuming she was far too cool to be a Perth girl. But I was wrong. I’ve since found we should totally start a commune, she makes worse dad jokes than me, and is a fellow snort laughter. 

“The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

1: Awkward makes for great stories.

2: It’s who I am. I can not hide it, I suck at photos and I can’t be arsed really. I have a face that can’t lie. Plus, I think it’s important to realise that with great awkwardness comes great responsibility – no great bravery.


“Responsibility belongs to Spiderman. I have enough challenges being responsible for providing snacks to two kids who know the meaning of negotiate.”

Connect with Belle

In her literary debut “Awkward is the New Brave”, Belle Lockerby becomes our bravery bestie through sharing her personal story of overcoming an arsenal of life’s “adversity wedgies”.  Belle encourages everyone to be brave enough to be themselves, awkward enough to try the uncomfortable things, and kind enough to become the safe space for others doing the same. Having coached over 1000 humans from all walks of life, Belle lives and breathes change. She knows we can repurpose our pasts using a shield of humour and a sword of honesty to become lovers of and fighters for our own lives.

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