“No matter who you are, extrovert or introvert, you want one thing out of your career or business: success.”

The Truth About Being An Introvert – Janice Chaka

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You might have taken a test. You might have been labelled. Or you just might know – there’s no denying it. You find yourself spending way too much time in the loo at events just escaping, the concept of business networking has you breaking out in goosebumps, and after any kind of event you might find yourself needing to come home to your cave and not speak to anyone for a wee while.

Yes, we’re talking about introversion.

And in business and careers.

And fascinatingly, this episode showcases the funny and savvy human that is Janice Chaka – an expert on introverts in a business setting. In fact, she’s a career and business coach specifically for introverts. More thrillingly, Janice petitioned against the Cambridge dictionary to change their language around the word!

The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *


The misconception of introversion:

“I think shyness and introversion get mixed up. And at sometimes they also go hand in hand along with like social anxiety. And some people overlap just like anything.”

The impact of everyone suddenly needing more social connection during physical distancing:

“There has been a lot of Zoom burnout. I definitely experienced it because over the first two or three weeks… when companies started to work from home. I knew people were having four-hour Zoom meetings, because people didn’t know how to work from home. So taking everything they used to do in an office and try and translate it directly to working online. And that’s not how that works. And so, not only did you have your work stuff, you have the outside noise of global pandemic, and you had people wanting to get in touch had spoken to you in five years just because…”


“We’re all just human, and it’d be better if we just treated each other like that And whatever you do, and however you do it, there’s no rule.”


And the introversion spectrum:

“Yeah, it’s definitely a spectrum. And I think people forget that they feel that they either like one or the other. And it’s like, well, no, you just some days you’re feeling more like this and something like just like some days you’re happier and some days you sadder. Occasionally, some days more extroverted, or the situation or what’s going on in your life, how stressed you are. There’s so because we’re so individual and there’s so many things that interact with us and cause changes in our lives.”





Connect with Janice

Janice Chaka is The Career Introvert – a coach who helps introverts amplify their voices through podcasting, publishing, public speaking and personal branding. She is the founder of the Career Introvert where there is a wealth of information from on topics like public speaking, to job interview questions, to systems to scale your business to time management.
All for introverts, by an introvert.


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