“Those haters? They’re not your people. It’s always still going to sting. Let yourself feel that sting. But don’t let it stop you.”

Confidence (In Business And Life) – Lucy-Anne Lewis

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People pleasing. It’s so 2015. Aren’t we bloody over it?

Lucy-Anne Lewis thinks we should be.

She’s a confidence coach and, apart from appreciating the two Cs in her title (I love myself some C alliteration), I like her take on confidence.

See, I think a lot of people think confidence is either inherited – or you’re born with it. Or it’s really bravado.

But, brave doesn’t equal fearless.

And confident doesn’t equal right up yourself.

Not for me, but we live in Australia and that’s sometimes how it’s perceived.
And because I’ve had so many clients and community members tell me they love me and choose me because I am bold, funny, and confident (none of which I ever feel at the same time on the same day or sometimes even at all) I thought I’d invite an expert to unpack this word and get her expert take on – confidence.

The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

2.49: “You know, it’s not about, as you say, it’s not about, inherited confidence or narcissistic tendencies or anything like that. It’s about just knowing every day that if you stand up and be who you are, that that’s enough and that you’re good enough…when I started working with people about that stuff and about finding they’re good enough, just like the transformations that people have, like actually, don’t have to aim to be perfect cause I’m never going to get there. So I’m going to aim for good enough and I’m going to be really happy.”

6.04: “Being confident doesn’t mean that you never feel fear. And I’ll talk a little bit about what fear is. It’s what we do with it. So, you know, confidence to me is feeling that, feeling those nerves and then anxiety, but doing it anyway, like not letting it stop here… It can be fear of judgment. So like what other people think of you? Fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, striving for that perfectionism, not feeling worthy, like not feeling deserving of the stuff that you have or the stuff that you want.”

11.15: “Our brain is hardwired to keep us safe. So any time that we’ve gone to do something that’s outside of that safety zone that it’s used to, that’s when those feelings come up and you’re butting up against and you’re going to break through to something better.”

“And you know, one of the questions that I ask myself when I’m feeling that is; “what’s the worst that could happen?”




Connect with Lucy-Anne

One of my favourite things to do is help you transform fear into confidence. I flippin’ love it. I’m a qualified counsellor, a coach, an advanced certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback practitioner, writer, mum, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend. And I see you.

I’m here to guide you in your transformation. To teach you the tools to believe in yourself and your abilities, so you can transform from ‘What if?’ into ‘Hell, yeah!’

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