crisp copy copywriting packages

Copywriting Packages

Copywriting Packages

For Websites + Advertising + Marketing + Emails + Blogs + Socials – anything that needs words

(and not just regular words. Words that make your ideal client feel a tingle of excitement that they might get to hire you or buy your stuff!)

Prices below are a guide and some services are by application only, so get in touch for a custom quote.

crisp copy copywriting packages

Consummate Crisp

The ultimate branding + copywriting package

For 3 months, you’ll practically own me. Which is solid, because you not only need high converting copywriting but you also need a brand overhaul. Because – I’ll let you in on a secret – website copy without solid brand foundations are just pretty words on a screen. They look nice – don’t do much. And we’re not talking fonts and colours here, friend, we’re talking brand. The guts and glory of your business. We’ll sort out who you are, what you do, who you do it for, what they need, and how you should communicate with them (and where), and – most importantly – how you’re going to make them cry happy tears of “oh thank GOODNESS, I finally found you!”

Then! Then I’ll write you the crispest copy around. No imitation flavours. Guaranteed.


  • 2 hours of initial Zoom recorded digging about in your very brand soul (pain-free – mostly)
  • Then; custom created Word Bank, Branded Statements, Ideal Client, Pain & Gain Points, Basic Analysis, USP, and Guiding Values and Ethics – basically a brand guide (to add to the pretties your designer delivered to you) to give to your employees, SM person, media folk, and subcontractors (ensuring your copy sounds like your brand voice – every time)
  • 4 pages of optimised website copy with layout suggestions for design (Home + About + Services + Contact) *


  • UX map
  • @ 2000 words of editing – emails, blogs, or socials copy – per month (can be swapped out for advertising concepts and copy)
  • 500 bonus words of copywriting – emails, blogs, or socials copy – per month
  • Discounted editing rate for the full 3 months 
  • 24-hour turnaround email support – even if you just have an idea you want my opinion on
  • 72-hour turnaround for all editing work
  • Loyalty client discounts for future work

* Sales pages extra but billed at a sweetly discounted price

Plus: Two revisions, structure suggestions and instructions for maximum conversion, all meta tags written, SEO keywords included

And: Don’t have a developer or designer? I can organise one that works kindly with kick-butt copywriters and does a beautiful job

Pricing from: 11K AUD inc GST (payment plans available)

By application only. Request a call

crisp copy copywriting packages

Copy Crisp

A copywriting package for brands ready to rock

The kind of copy that means your ideal clients will be whipping out their credit cards before they’ve even read the price. Copy that sells itself, snags your reader in the belly, and makes them wish they’d known about you for years. Want the whole word shebang? Conversion copy for 4 pages of your website starting or spruce up a single page. Buy blogs, emails, and socials in blocks for change back in your pocket. Editing also available or combine coaching and copy for a perfect smoothie blend of DIY and done-for-you deliciousness.

These packages are for those who have their brand totally under control.


  • 5 Website Pages + 60 Minute Brand Strategy Session from $5700
  • 3 Website Pages + 30 Minute Session from $3570
  • 2 Website Pages + 30 Minute Session from $2370
  • Single Sales Pages custom quoted
  • Single Website Pages for return clients – New clients by application from $1290
  • Blog + Email + Socials (Standard @400 words) from $390 or 10 for $3100
  • eBooks (Copy only @10 pages) from $4500
  • Approximate hourly rate – $285 (but I don’t generally bill by the hour)

Custom Quotables: Advertising copy (and concepts) + Speechwriting + Social Media Copy

Plus: One amendment to all copy (excludes editing), structure suggestions and instructions for maximum conversion, all meta tags written, SEO keywords included

All prices inc GST for Australian clients 

Ready for a quote?

crisp copy copywriting packages

Fix It, Crisp

Editing packages for brands who need spit and polish

If you have existing website copy that’s doing the job, but no longer in alignment with your brand, you might need a hard edit. This is more than just proofreading and editing for spelling and grammar, this is content editing – pulling apart what you’ve got and sorting it out, and putting it back together. Better.


Editing Packages: All editing services are quoted up front and are dependent on first draft copy @500 words from $210

Need a heck of a lot of help? Buy in blocks of 20 x 500 words or more and I’ll slip you a very sweet discount

Please note: Editing is not copywriting. I will take what you’re using and refresh, renew, and revamp it, but I won’t start from scratch. This is perfect for businesses that know what they want to say and need their copy to sing a little louder

Ready for a quote?

Think you might like to DIY?

Consider combining copy coaching with editing for education and polish. Get a quote.

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