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Energy and Burnout – Amanda Freeman

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A large percentage of the thousands of women I’ve worked with started their businesses because they were brilliantly, shinily, jaw-droppingly committed to filling a particular gap they saw in a market. In layman’s terms, they wanted to help someone. It doesn’t matter if they sell a product or offer a service, whether they have a company structure with a hefty team or they’re solo operators, the women I work with – they’re driven by the desire to serve.

What can happen when you’re led into the business shiny spotlight by a sincere dedication to a big picture outcome – you can be completely sideswiped by the every day, constantly cropping up issues of running your business. On the daily, in the evenings, when things go wrong, heck, even when things are wonderful. There’s no sugar coating it.

Business is hard work.

Add to the practicalities of running your business and, I’ve said it before, business ownership is one of the biggest personal growth adventures you can sign up for.

Bundle that all up together and what do you have the recipe for? Success, yes, hopefully. But sometimes also the downside – burnout.

Getting so Crisp with me today is Amanda Freeman who has the coolest label on the planet – Energy Alchemist – and we’re going to talk about energy, burnout, expectations, conditioning, and women in business.

Trigger warning: This episode contains a brief mention of suicidal thoughts. Please keep away from little ears or, your own, if you don’t think this content is suitable for your own mental health.


The Crisp Takeaways

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“As women, we are conditioned by society to give, and then give a bit more as (we are culturally praised and rewarded for being busy/exhausted/looking after everyone else but ourselves). 

Also, as entrepreneurs we are taught to push and hustle in the online world.

That is a really unsustainable combination of factors and so often leads to burnout.”

4:40 – And so, for me, distinctly, my lineage of women were the, the doers, and the space holders. And it didn’t matter if you were tired, like, it didn’t matter if you’re sick, mom had to get up, and you have to get everyone in the car to get you to school, and you have to do all the things. And that spoken to me as being really across the board and even, like not even not just in Australia, like no matter what country this is a really common theme. And so we we come into our business, expecting the same that we have to give and give and that’s where sort of over delivering and undercharging comes in.

11.:43 – So people often talk about fear of failure. But this is where fear of success comes in. Because if you have experienced burnout, or you’ve seen or heard someone else who’s experienced it, you really don’t want to go through that. And so it sets off this almost like limiting limiting energy or limiting belief within yourself that actually stops you from stretching and growing, because you don’t want to be that person who burns out.

20:24 – I always hear of burnout stories. And I feel like they’re the end of the story. You know what I mean? Like people did all of this, all of the things that juggle all the things, and then they burned out. And then if they did restart, they really had to like restructure themselves, what they believed about themselves, their businesses, the way that they operate things, their teams so that it didn’t happen again. Yeah. So it feels like a finish of that story. And then they had to kind of like rebuild, literally, like you have burned down. And you have to start from the foundation. But it does, the stories are generally the burnout is connected to all the parts of the business that maybe they shouldn’t have been doing. So I always associate the burnout with doing stuff that you that you don’t want to or shouldn’t be doing anyway.


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Connect with Amanda

Amanda Freeman helps smart, successful women in business master their energy. So they can overcome overwhelm, self-sabotage and burnout – and make a powerful impact in the world with their work.

She is an Energy Alchemist and Mentor for soul-led business women – as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sacred Circle Facilitator, and intuitive business owner. Plus, she is a regular guest speaker on podcasts and at local women in business events.

When she’s not holding space for you and your soul work, you’ll find Amanda at home with her family among the trees in Melbourne, walking in the forest, swimming, drinking herbal tea (with chocolate of course) and learning all things healing, spirituality, conscious business and personal growth.

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