“There’s a lot of myth flinging and the main one is that everyone ‘should’ have a course. Which isn’t completely true.”

From Content To Courses (And Fibs About Passive Income) – Sam Winch

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You may have heard I have a course. I have a couple actually, but the big kahuna is the Crisp Copy Class.

It’s a multi moving parts 10 + module with loads of live classes and a billion hours of recorded videos and about eleventy hundred downloadables and recorded copy reviews where I’ve made people cry and it’s all bundled up in a new slick as heck platform and available in 2 different ways at 2 different price points.

But it didn’t start out that complex.

It started out with my fingers bleeding because I couldn’t take on one more done-for-you copy client and I needed to figure out a way to deliver Jay to group learning without making my brain implode.

And it was imploding.

Because I thought courses were for people who were massively established and had all the bells and whistles.

Until Sam Winch and I got stuck in a service elevator together and I made her be my business friend.

When it was time to embrace the fact I was going to write a course, I got Sam involved. She stepped me through what to include from all the content I already had and how to deliver it for best practice for user experrience.

And that’s the genius.

If you know stuff. If you have content. If you think passive income is a thing, you’ve got to listen to this episode of So Crisp.

The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

5.08 “I think there is a lot of myth throwing. Mainly that everyone should have a course. Which is not entirely true. I think if you’ve got a process which is completely different for every client, then, of course, it’s difficult. If there’s a theory behind what you do and as a process and it’s learnable, that’s fine. But for some businesses, that’s not the case. The other thing where an online course isn’t the best is if you’ve got a very, very tactile person, so let’s say art or pottery, there are online courses and they’d probably go fine, but how much better is it to go to a class and to put your hands on the pottery wheel and get wet and covered in clay? Like it’s, it’s such a tactile process that an online course might work, but is it the best delivery method for you?”

7.42: “There is such a thing as passive income. If you are going to set up a dropshipping business and once you got your website established and your traffic established, maybe it is passive. But courses? They’re not passive.

First of all, there’s a whole heap of work that goes into the front end. Then the sales and marketing work, which I think people just assume they’re going to build this course and it will magically sell while they sleep. And it’s kind of the story we’re fed, right? You fall asleep and you wake up with money in the bank and you can make sales while you sleep, but it’s not, you’re not magically going to become a millionaire overnight without a really good sales and marketing process that works. But even then people need support, they need help, they have questions to ask, they lose their freaking password, they can’t log in and they don’t know how to access everything. But that content you’ve already produced into a course, but it’s definitely not going to be passive. There’s time involved. But the front at the back of the middle of there’s time involved.”

14.45: “I build online courses for living and I reckon 80% of the process happens offline.”

16.13: “What we have a habit of doing is we produce stuff we think we will like. So we’re like, “Oh I like watching videos. I’m going to make a hundred videos, but I’m not going to any PDFs or downloads. ‘Cause I hate reading and I hate writing.” But the truth is your audience might not hate reading and hate writing and might much prefer to read the process and have to watch your 30-minute video about it.”

“So the first biggest mistake I see is that they forget that they’re producing a course for someone else and it actually has nothing to do with them anymore. It doesn’t matter what you like or don’t like. It doesn’t matter how you prefer to learn. What it matters is how your audience prefers to learn and that that makes a big difference.



Connect with Sam

Yes, if you say my name too fast I sound like a popular lunchtime food option.

I spend my time creating courses, and helping others to create their own amazing courses and workshops.

I work with passionate people just like you, to take all of that “stuff” out of their head and turn it into a course.

With over 16 years experience facilitating and a decade of building courses, I can make the process quick, easy and plenty of fun.

I’ve been training for most of my career. My background in retail management means that I’ve been managing and training teams of 30 – 100 since I was 18. When I escaped the world of retail I realised that it wasn’t the sell that I had loved, but teaching others.

I want you to launch and sell some amazing courses for your audience, and I’m here to help you do it.

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