“Am I going to be judged for pivoting? That’s not true, you’re just deepening your expertise and people need it”

Changing Directions (While Staying Visible) – Jenny De Lacy

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I was teaching a class on Brand Voice at a conference and Jenny De Lacy was in the audience, she’d already done her bit – a De Lacy classic on confidence and the camera, and I mentioned her in an answer from a question about finding an audience, building a fan base, getting people to be a bit in love with you.
I said something like, “Jenny does this really well, she has a free group and gives away oodles of information and advice about working the camera and creating engaging videos and tech and…and…” and as I’m talking Jenny is slowly crumpling – finishing up with her head in her arms on the desk and I’m slowly tapering off my sentence looking in horror at someone having some kind of mid-business crisis.
And she said, “I wish I wasn’t quite so well known for giving away free advice”. And it wasn’t just that. Jenny had painted herself into a bit of a niche.
Ohhhh, there it is.
That hole you’ve dug for yourself as a business owner when you’re actually really good at something, you’ve been doing it for ages, your audience knows exactly what they get from you, but you are living with some serious business regret.
Fast forward a year or so and Jenny is changing things up.
Only she’s so established in her field for doing this one particular thing and now she’s got to drag her fan base with her.
Today on So Crisp we’re getting a rare behind the scenes look at the process one rather internet famous woman has to go through to take her business from something she’s super well known for and change it into something else, because she’s fallen out of love with it. We’re talking changing directions – but when people are looking.
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Connect with Jenny

Growing up the youngest of five children gives you two choices – fade quietly into the background or make yourself seen and heard. Jenny De Lacy quickly learned how to read a room to become the centre of attention and gain the best outcome. She turned these skills and a love of learning, into a 25-year corporate career in training and presenting, working for some of the biggest organisations in Australia. These days, she helps aspiring and established business owners find their words and voices so they too, can connect with their target audience, by presenting with personality and power. With a no-nonsense, ‘stop thinking and start doing attitude’, Jenny works closely with clients to give them the confidence to be themselves in all their introverted or extroverted glory. Her signature program – Communicate With Natural Confidence – removes the frustrating guesswork and paralysing self-doubt that plagues many business folk. Along with live script editing and coaching, Jenny provides a safe space for her clients to practice their delivery and receive feedback from her nurturing community that have conquered their fears. In love with the sound of laughter – especially her three boys laughing at each other, Jenny’s aim is to teach you the joy in crafting a message that resonates and connects for continued business success.


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