“Sexualised women can be used to promote alcohol, gambling or conglomerates, however they clearly are not allowed to exist for their own pleasure or their own benefit…”

Women’s Wellness, Sex, & Misogynistic Censorship In Marketing – Anna Walsh

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So Facebook has a bit of a marketing conundrum.
It’d like sex not to exist.

It seems racism and sexism are fine, cyber-bullying, not so much a problem.

But sex? Nope.

(Oh, don’t feel too left out, sex, FB also doesn’t like breastfeeding images, breast cancer images, or sometimes even classical art if a nip is involved!)

Facebook’s guidelines for Adult Products or Services state, “Ads must not promote the sale or use of adult products or services, except for ads for family planning and contraception.”

And they’re not the only ones. When was the last time you saw anything advertising healthy sexual relationships anywhere online?

Anna Walsh is like so many of us – frustrations turned into a spark of a business idea. Sick of engendered stereotypes and attitudes towards women and sex, Anna created happymash as an online space where women can feel comfortable learning about and discussing their own sexual wellness.

Bonus: happymash sells pleasure products for women – as her tagline says – get to know yourself!

Recently, my opt in FB ad was rejected because I told readers their new copy would make their own reader want to lick the screen. I was out for about 3 weeks while my FB ads expert sweet talked the couple FB people still working there during lockdown.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to run a business like Anna’s, so helpful to modern women, but so totally censored on every platform.

In fact, when we first booked this podcast episode, Anna’s Instagram had been shadow banned – couldn’t find her for love nor money.

And it’s that kind of consistent censorship we’ll talk about today, amongst a couple other fun things!


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Connect with Anna

Anna is a businesswoman, mother and feminist. Frustrated by engendered stereotypes and attitudes around women and sex, she created happymash as an online space where women would feel comfortable learning about and discussing their sexual wellness.

Growing up, Anna was confused and disheartened by the cultural norms that made women feel reluctant and embarrassed to nourish such an enjoyable and liberating core to their mental and physical wellbeing. Anna passionately advocates that sex is a vital part of every woman’s health throughout their entire life, and that every women should know how to access their body’s ability to give them pleasure.

Through an informative online platform and innovatively designed pleasure products, she hopes that happymash will help you gain the sexual wellness you deserve.


Use the discount code SOCRISP20 for 20% off the Know Yourself Range at checkout

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