“As ideas people it’s important to realise, we don’t have to action every idea we come up with.​.”

Multipotentiality – Linda Reed-Enever

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Even just listening to Linda’s day might make some of you tired (and Linda admits November is her extra-crazy month) but she thrives on have many projects on the go at once and is most happy when she is moving between projects and back again.

She is the epitome of Multipotentiality.


The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

Media – We don’t share our story, we don’t go deep enough. And we don’t do it soon enough! Christmas media is already locked in by November.

Marketing – Don’t sell your products, share your expertise. The best day for an entrepreneur to be in Facebook Groups is the Tip Day.. Show people what you know, give value and do it regularly.

Worst Advice Ever – People with the  breaching  of Terms of Service! When people try sneak around the rules on Facebook and Google by selling from your personal profile. Don’t. Do. It. 

Stop trying to find the easy way – it doesn’t actually exist so just stay the course and do what you need to do to move your business forward.

“There is no beating the algorithm!”

Tell your story, tell it well, tell it not to sell. Instead focus on sharing your expertise and the why behind your business – because that’s what will get you in the media!

“It might seem like I’ve done lots of things, had a diverse career and have my finger in many pies – but everything I do comes back to telling stories.”


Connect with Linda

Founder of Business Business Business – a facebook group 28,000 members – Linda empowers business owners connect and share their story online using this online community, she also shares immense value and useful resources within the group.

As the founder of Media Connections, Lina and her team connect entrepreneurs with the media, helping people share their story with journalists and media outlets.

And through Thoughtspot PR she works with business owners as a coach and consultant, helping them plan, create and share their message.

Aside from this she works on many short term projects, runs workshops and other events and is a speaker and presenter.

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