“If you knew me as a child you would never think I was a rebel.

I was the good girl personified.”

Rebel On Purpose – Swapna Thomas

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Swapna helps rebels on purpose develop a firebrand mindset and go rogue with their marketing so they can confidently own their value, claim their voice and get (well) paid for their genius.

In this episode we talk about how and why to be a Rebel with a Purpose (and about a billion other things, including the state of Australian politics, the Indian caste system and expectations, how it’s scary to be ‘different’ so why people choose to adopt another person’s rebellion instead of finding your own, and why Swapna waited to rebel until she was a grown adult). 

Swapna is not only a rebel on purpose, she also works with other business women to help incite the rebel within them, but she does so in a way that focuses on their purpose and what changes they want to see in the world.  You’ll love listening to every word she says.

The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

Swapna shares with us how to become a rebel on purpose and what it matters to do so.

“You are allowed to work with whoever you want to, right now, wherever you are. You are allowed to work with the right people.”

“That’s the whole thing about purpose… I wasn’t rebelling for the sake of rebelling. Your inner rebel is always within you but it needs a purpose. None of us wants to be a rebel without a purpose.”

Swapna’s favourite word is liminal (and it’s a good one):


  • relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
  • occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

Creating wealth and earning great money is a powerful act of rebellion and it empowers you to be able to rebel in many more other ways. 

“You are allowed to work with whoever you want to. Right now. Wherever you are. You are allowed to work with the right people.”


Connect with Swapna

Once upon a time Swapna followed all the rules and put herself in a box and ended up burning her brain cells and soul out. So she decided to embody a rebel mindset, go rogue with her marketing and live life fully on purpose. And now that is exactly what she holds space for her clients to do!

She teaches rebel women like you how to own your value, claim your voice and get (well) paid for your genius. When not spouting spiritual wisdom or being a raging feminist or not dropping content gems, you can find Swapna, inhaling psychological thrillers, listening to Bollywood classics on a loop and trying to convince her extrovert husband that she is an acceptable form of a social recluse.

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