“I spent my whole 20’s terrified that anyone was going to see me ‘being’ fat.

The F Word. Fat – Bex Bedford

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Last year I got up on a stage, in front of a room full of people, and told them I was fat.

I mean they could see it for themselves, right? But when I dropped the word ‘fat’ as a way to identify myself the room reacted with stunned, horrified silence.

Fat is such a loaded word. And you know I’m a word-nerd.

So when I came across Bex Bedford I just had to have her on the show to discuss this word and her connection to it.

Bec shares with us the story of how the reaction to her weight from a group of college guys lead her to withdraw and live in self-inflicted isolation for 8 years and how she became a spokeswoman for the extended size community.  

Things look very different for Bex now. If you love labels and activism, you’ll want to check this one out!

The Crisp Takeaways

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“Three years of weekly (therapy) appointments later, I slowly started to allow myself the right to be human. It was a hard, painful, and dark path but I made it through.

After I got that part down, I worked on allowing myself to be a woman.”

“In today’s society plus size people are constantly sidelined and treated as a drain or burden to our communities. So much of media depiction of people of size are often degrading, cast as out of control food fiends, unable to have and live a productive life, be leaders, have romantic and sexual relationships, and live a normal life like any person of “straight size”.”

“I know my journey and I know who I am, I can look in the mirror and be proud of the person looking back at me. I am worth and I am able and I am allowed as a woman and as a human to live my truth, my way! I am not going to let one person, for one more day, take that power away from me.”


Connect with Bex

Bex Bedford is a Self Acceptance Champion, Body Positive Activist, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. In 2013 Bex started her vlog channel on Youtube called “Being an SSBBW” and it quickly gained traction garnering hundreds of thousands of views. In her videos she speaks frankly about all facets of life as a person of extended size, her struggles and triumphs with self love and self acceptance, and topical commentary on current events in the plus size world.

After years of vlogging as Rebecca of “Being an SSBBW”, Bex no longer felt connected to the name. SSBBW translates to “Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman”, an acronym that no longer felt representative of her message, but felt more exclusive, focusing too much on looks, size, and gender.

In 2019 Bex made the leap to change her brand from “Being an SSBBW” to Bex Bedford. Choosing Bex, a long time nickname, afforded Rebecca the ability to just be herself, not bound by any one notion or group, allowing her to be her true authentic self.

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