“Using language like “just” imposes a glass ceiling we don’t need. We’re not minimising our vision or ourselves”

No More “Just” – Tori Kopke

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Tori Kopke’s website copy starts with:

“I don’t believe in fancy buzz words and chats about innovation. I believe in setting goals, getting focused and achieving results.”

Straight down the line but tempered with one of the bleeding sunniest dispositions and can-do vibe I’ve ever been bear hugged with, Tori says she’s a “Texan transplant” and has found herself in rural WA, running a farm with her husband, and helping particularly rural businesses with her fresh and experienced advice.

Tori is one of my favourite kinds of business owners – she’s multilayered, complex, and interesting. And she has OPINIONS! Her Facebook post on not quite knowing what to call oneself when you run a farm with your farming husband is both hilarious and poignant. And, dear listener, you know – I love a woman who has something to say.

I frist met Tori when she was extraordinarily pregnant at a rural event I was invited to speak at our in Calingiri. It’s not just her accent that makes her immediately noticeable, she’s kind of… sparkly.

So when she pitched to come on So Crisp and talk about the way women talk about their businesses, I jumped.


Connect with Tori

Tori Kopke is a wife, mother, Texan transplant, and small business coach based on the family farm in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. She is passionate about growing rural businesses and communities through practical and actionable strategies. With over 15 years of experience is small business, with half of those in the bush, she understands the everyday challenges rural businesses face.

Her approach to business utilises a combination of proven strategies with a twist of creativity. Knowing first hand, how important accountability and support is for a solopreneur, she loves cheerleading and championing the causes of rural women in business. Tori has gone on to found an incredible community called Big Ideas Rural, it is centred around education and connection, so that any woman in business can network and upskill no matter their location. Big Ideas Rural features monthly masterclasses and coffee catch ups along with a vibrant Facebook community and weekly Instagram takeovers. It is the place to be for any rural woman in business.

The Rural Business Coach

Big Ideas Rural

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