“…it doesn’t come easy. You feel uncomfortable all the time, feel uncomfortable and still keep moving forward.”

Influence & Instagram with the Iconic Tracy Harris

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You may have seen her dancing on the Instagram.

Or making green smoothies. Or working with her husband. Or grooving with her kiddos.

In fact, you may BE on Instagram because of her.

You may have joined her massive and incredible free FB community or signed up to her paid one (hey hey, I’m in there too!). In which case, she probably encouraged you to do some social media visibility things you weren’t sure you’d ever do. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And they worked, right?

Your e-commerce store might have more sales and better conversions because of what you’ve learned from her.

She may have gently nudged you towards rethinking your perspective, reassured you about your positioning, or emboldened you to ask for help – and then act on that advice.

Today, I’m getting So Crisp with Instagram royalty, Tracy Harris. Or, as you may know her, the Mums With Hustle absolute boss.

And you may think you know her, because when someone is on our phones in their full glory multiple times daily, we can think we know someone pretty well. Social media does that for us – connects us to people deeply we’ve never met, who we may never get to squeeze in person, suddenly having deep conversations and/or in my case, singing snippets of musical theatre songs and sending them over IG message.

Today, we’re getting to know the powerhouse that is Tracy Harris a little better.

I wanted to ask Tracy about influence. What it is, why Instagram is her platform, how it works, and what it means for women like her, and to ask her to let us behind the scenes of her ridiculously successful dominion to peek behind what makes it, and her, tick.

Oh, and big fat hint:

Stick around after the outro to hear what we continued to talk about after the podcast episode recording was officially over! The post-recording convo is just as good as the episode itself!

The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

“…then there’s the other answer, which is the subconscious reason for may jumping on Instagram. And that is because I still wanted to hide. From my family, my friends, my ex colleagues, they were all on Facebook.”
“But then I look back and I say all of these really amazing opportunities that I’m a woman of faith. So I say, God, other people can insert universe or spirit or any other word that they want to place there. But all of these wonderful opportunities that God had kind of afforded me along the way. And now I’m like, Oh my gosh, they were little bread crumbs. And I was just not noticing.”
“I had no product, I had nothing. It was literally just, I’m just going to build a community first. And then just that one thing will lead to the, to the next thing. I just, you know, you have to just sometimes take the first step and then the next step gets revealed. So that’s what I did. And soon enough, yeah, more and more people were asking. They’re like, you’re doing really well on Instagram, or you started at the same time as me on Instagram, but you’ve got an audience like triple the size, or you’ve got more people engaging. Can you teach me how to do that? So out of that was born my first course, and that took me about six months to write and create, um, because I had this tiny little baby and then I was pregnant with my second as well.”
“Yes. I love it so far. Oh my gosh. You’re like have to, like, I have the biggest smile. I’m like actually just like touching my cheeks right now. Cause they’ll get soul, but, but I genuinely do love it. And I get so lit up every single day when I just say more women standing firm with what they want for their lives and their families and just taking those small steps forward. And I very much still identify with being a teacher. I guess my students are adult learners and I just truly love it.”

Connect with Tracy

Tracy Harris is the CEO of the Mums With Hustle online community and education platform for mums in business, creator of the online Instagram course, Hashtag Hustle, and Founder of the online marketing academy, The Social Method Society.

She is fiercely dedicated to supporting big-hearted women wanting to design their life first and business second – by harnessing the superpower of Instagram as part of a complete digital strategy. One that aligns with who they are at their core and one that sees them creating their own version of success.

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