“No PR crisis has ever come out of the truth – it always comes out of a lie. People forgive mistakes but they won’t forgive lies.”

Transparency, Vulnerability, Humanity & PR – Lucy Tearne

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In this episode, I pick the brain of Lucy Tearne, PR maven and wish granter, about the concept of transparency in branding, vulnerability in the online space, and the multifaceted superpowers of PR. 

How much YOU do you put in the you online? Are you trying to build a brand and a business hiding in the shadows, hoping your professional self will come across as brilliant and engaging, without taking the terrifying leap of making yourself truly visible?

Human hearts make buying decisions, and they need human hearts and human voices to buy from. Let Lucy tell you all about it. 

“The Crisp Takeaways

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 “You can do all the right things but the reality is – things in business will go wrong sometimes. So knowing how you are going to handle that and own that – that’s what is going to set you up to be able to move past it.”

PR isn’t just about managing the media during a crisis – you can make it part of your business foundations and use it to help your ideal clients understand your brand and your values.

 Word of mouth is still the most powerful advertising you will ever have, as well as the most powerful brand messaging system.

Working with the media, like most things in business, is about building relationships and nurturing those so they will come to you when they have a brief that fits.

“Transparency is about being transparent for you and your business, it’s not about being transparent for other people.”




Connect with Lucy

Lucy is a fearless PR Maven, a vibrant, go-getter expertly blending experience and knowledge with the intrepid ability to target a campaign specifically to not only harness all that’s fabulous about a brand, but deliver it straight into the laps of their next best customers.

Lucy works closely with her extended team to create greatness. She brings the best from around Australia to give her clients everything they’ve ever wanted. Her favourite moment is when brands are offered opportunities they previously thought of as “wishful thinking”, which is why she’s known as the Wish Granter.

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