“Marketing is a two way conversation, and it’s forming deep relationships with your clients, customers, community.

Unethical Marketing Tactics – Rachel Kurzyp

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When I first started my copywriting business I was quick to correct anyone who said I was in marketing.


I just thought it had a bit of an… odour about it.

A bit of a whiff of hard sell, Spammy McSpammy pants, FOMO manipulating stench.

That was before I realised I wanted all my ideal clients to be smart, savvy businesswomen and therefore, I’d need to treat them that way. Be totally transparent, showcase the solutions for objections they had, expect cleverness.

And that changed the way I wrote and marketed. And also meant I wasn’t really invested in the umbrella someone else chose for me to live under.

Today’s guest is also particularly interested in marketing tactics and how the words we use have a negative or positive impact on our clients and customers and our relationships with them.

We’re talking unethical marketing and how to flip that for something a little more sustainable and clean with Rachel Kurzyp.

The Crisp Takeaways

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“Some of these tactics are brought about by the business owner themselves having a scarcity mindset. They’re afraid, like, when is the next client going to come? When is the next person going to enrol in my course?”

5:55 – When we’ve been forced in to make a purchase or to buy a product, we don’t value it as much.

7:32 – I think the first point is honesty and transparency.

16:18 – Guess what? We’re creating something together. Am I going to get paid? Yes. Are they going to get served and helped? Yes, win win.

20:43 – I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions about different things to do with marketing ethics and tactics obviously because I am trying to have a voice in this space and I don’t get it right all the time and I also reserve the right to change my mind because these things are changing all the time.



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Connect with Rachel

Rachel Kurzyp is a marketing coach, copywriter, international speaker and teacher. She has helped over 3,000 people become respected leaders and creators in their communities. Rachel’s mission is to support multi-passionate womxn to build sustainable and unstoppable businesses so they can gain financial freedom and continue making a positive contribution to the world.

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