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If You Think Funnels Suck, Try This Instead

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Dance mums, we’ve got to stick together.

Because if the cost of endless shoes and lycra shirts and perfectly plain pairs of black dance pants that retail for $500 doesn’t send you a little batty, the politics might.

But the #DanceMum life makes for good stories.

And good stories is what Mel Daniels is all about.

In fact, she’s semi rejected the traditional funnel concept of content marketing and relied on… well… content for the content marketing!

This month, funnels feature heavily at So Crisp. Next episode we have a Kajabi funnel expert walking us through all the things we worry about that aren’t even remotely important when it comes to funnels and today we have Mel teaching us what to do if funnels don’t tickle our fancy and we want to scrap them altogether.

Take a listen:

So Crisp Takeaways

* Yum* 

When you move from a transactional, numbers based approach to content marketing to one based on connection and relationships, you experience personal and business growth

You don’t have to do #allthethings. Life flows when you take into consideration your time, energy and resources

We make a greater impact together!


Feeling decidedly un-fabulous and your funnel? Here’s the simplest copy plan ever:

If you’re capturing a bunk of email addresses then doing diddly-squat with them, it’s time to up your game.

This mini course will help you find that sweet spot between sending people nothing (yawn) and sending a pushy sales campaign (yuck).

I’m Jay Crisp Crow and my emails are flipping amazing. Not just for my readers, coz that’s a bit braggy, right? But they’re extraordinarily impactful for my business. 

In fact, I sell out most of my courses simply by having an engaged email list.

This is where you start.

Alex Meadows The Great Spectacular Show

Connect with Mel

Mel Daniels is a Content Strategist and Coach who loves to understand ‘why’. Even past her toddler years, she always asked why. She wanted to understand why things worked like they did, why people acted a certain way and why she was the only one who loved peanut butter and sultana sandwiches.

Her curiosity has lead her on an interesting life journey from academic achiever to corporate leader, mum extraordinaire and now business owner.

Mel’s purpose is to teach and empower women who want more from their business, on how to use content in a genuine way. She gives them the confidence they need to become more visible, seen as the expert that they are and inspired to take their business to the next level.

When she’s not talking about content and client journeys, you will find Mel cheering on her clients from the sidelines. Her other favourite hangouts are the kitchen and gym. Luckily her love of dead-lifting counteracts the amount of baking she consumes. Kind of.

Find out about The Content Effect, Mel’s Membership here.

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