“My perception about what motherhood is has drastically changed since I became a mum myself, to your point, it’s not about exclusion, but it’s about having safe spaces that people can really empathise with each other and the unique challenges that they are facing.

The Mumpreneur Label, A Pro-Perspective – Clare Wood

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Clare Wood, a business coach and numbers guru shares her thoughts on the Mumpreneur label and why it’s a term that she is really proud of. But first, she shares her favourite word and why the meaning of the word has changed and evolved as her she moves through her life and her focus and priorities change.

The word we talk most about is ‘Mumpreneur’.

This word can be quite provocative, is certainly a word that divides people and to be honest, I’ve been a ‘swinger’ in terms of how I feel about the word.

This isn’t an episode just about a word, it’s also about inclusivity, the meaning of language, the perception of women and mums who also run businesses. We talk about the mental load that women carry, the movement that is “women in business” and the labels or words we feel pride around, as well as the words that might make us feel small and shameful.

The Crisp Takeaways

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Clare shares with us why she is proud to be a Mumpreneur including the concepts

– There are additional challenges and obstacles that face women who are building a business and raising a family, and it’s just a fact people who don’t have kids won’t ever fully understand what they are. 

– Clare says she’s “really proud of the fact that I’m an entrepreneur and a mum, and if those two things can come together why should that be a bad thing?”

– and is it because working, married women with children do more than 60% of the house-cleaning and care for children, and mums tend to carry the metal load of remembering “all the things” while dads tend to be better at switching off and compartmentalising – so women need to allow for their “mumming” as part of their business planning, because it’s how we are wired?


Connect with Clare

Clare Wood is a coach who has helped many women (including many mums) grow their service-based businesses. She does one-off sessions, or one-on-one monthly coaching to help guide her clients to success. She loves her hubby and her two boys, travelling, wine, the gym, and her secret addiction is trashy reality TV shows!  If you want to learn more about Clare, you can check her out here: 

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