“The Revolution will be bloody, we need an action guide for fired up women to  take back their womanhood and transform the world.”

Periods, Period – Stasha Washburn

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“The Revolution will be bloody” promises Stasha Washburn, speaker, author, and period pioneer.

With her 20+ years of research, Stasha has a fiery passion to reconnect women to the power in their cycles. Her goal is to end the taboo of menstruation world wide.

No biggie, right?

I invited Stasha onto the So Crisp podcast to discuss periods, how keeping women in the dark about how our body works is a feminist issue, how working with your cycle can help your business (!), and other juicy things like shiny hair, fights in bars, and witch hunts.

“The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

Stasha says, “we’ve been lied to our entire lives.”

I asked Stasha why she thinks pain and suffering is such an ingrained part of the label of womanhood. Are we all still buying into the ‘Eve deserved pain because she was a very naughty girl’ story? And how can having your period empower your life and business?

“Menstruation stigma is a form of misogyny. Negative taboos condition us to understand menstrual function as something to be hidden, something shameful. And by not naming a thing, we reinforce the idea that the thing should not be named.” – Clue.

“You have be actively ovulating to make estrogen and progesterone, and here’s the thing – these are the two hormones that make us ladies feel sexy, juicy, high energy, feel happy and other amazing things. When you don’t ovulate – you miss out on these.”

“There are no studies done on the real, long term effects of birth control. There are so many long term side effects that come from not having your cycle for years at a time.”

We talk about some very heavy issues, including how important words are in keeping your kids safe from sexual predators and how to work with your cycle for the benefit of your business.

Using the right words and really learning how your own body works is an act of revolution because it is how we as women are going to reclaim our power and ultimately change the world for the generations of women who came after us.


Connect with Stasha

Stasha is known as The Period Coach. As a speaker, author, period pioneer, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Visionary Business Coach, and 20+ years of research she has a fiery passion to reconnect women to the power in their cycles.

Her goal is to end the taboo of menstruation world wide, no big deal. Stasha is changing the conversation around periods from whispers in the ladies room to empowered public discussions.

Join Stasha in her amazing FB group, The Red Circle: Lady Business, a Powerful Positive Period Place.

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