“When women put themselves first they can change the world.”

Sexy, Structures, Worrying Women, and the Military – Nicky Thomas

Yeah, we get sidetracked.

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I first spotted Nicky Thomas owning the stage at my very first Secrets in the Garden event, in the first year of my business.

Which, by the way, feels like a thousand years ago. 

If you’ve ever been to a Secrets in the Garden you know how busy it all is – multiple stages, people everywhere, everyone vying for your attention – it’s kind of like being online. But Nicky Thomas, she drew eyes. She captured attention. And the way she spoke about her thing, it made me not only stop wandering and sit down and take notice, but it also made me feel a little fire in my belly. Because if she could speak that authoritatively and excitedly about something, I felt like it was something I needed to know about. 

When I got to know Nicky, that all made sense. She is, and quite literally has been, a warrior, with a background in the actual trenches – a lone woman cub in the pack that’s otherwise known as the Military, she has soooome stories. 

But don’t you dare pigeon hole her, because, as I came to find out, while she was kicking goals in the Army she was also dancing as a cowgirl in the local bar. 

So, today, she’s joining us on So Crisp to talk about the duality women should and can allow themselves when combining their career with the creativity their souls desire. 

And we’re also talking about Sexy Structures – weird hey?

You’ll have to tune in to find out how those work together. 

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The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *


Hear one of Nicky’s favourite Military stories including a large gun, a woman in the dark, and trying to find a bush wee. 

“I should have stood my ground more. And that’s been my journey. Absolutely.”


I believe that women, at some kind of fundamental level, when they get their needs met, when they take care of themselves, they are givers.

And you see that at all the business events that we go to and all the women’s circles that we see and you know, when they put themselves first, the world wins – because they give more.

So firstly, they’re not depleted of energy time, resources, creativity, all of that stuff. When they’re completely depleted and giving to everybody else, the world suffers, because we don’t if we don’t create amazing things from that space. 


I always say when you make a decision like that – that’s big for you – the universe comes and pushes back. Says “how much do you want to try this on for size?” And you have to decide in that moment? Yep, I’m holding that ground or you can walk all over my boundaries again.


We we need judgement to keep us safe. It’s a primal need. Where do we fit in? What’s dangerous? It’s just about how we manage it, isn’t it? 


Every time you level up or every time you either go for a promotion or you want to get a new job or you want to change careers or you want to level up in your business again, you start looking wide and going, what’s everyone else doing?

And yet the amount of times that I’ve heard and you’ve probably heard women say, “Ah, you know, there’s so many people doing that.” I’m like, “yeah, there’s 100,000 hairdressers out there, too, but that doesn’t mean don’t be a hairdresser!”

We also talk about the sexiness of structure, the time Nicky beat all the ‘boys’ in her pack march (and so they reweighed her pack to ensure she hadn’t cheated, being a woman and all), and we dissect business coaching. 



Slay the Suppression with Nicky

Nicky Thomas has fought on the battlefield in every area of life, She knows what it’s like be deep in the trenches and what it takes to conquer the enemy within. Both in the military and now in as the Worrier to Warrior coach, Nicky has the innate ability to teach women how to cut out all the battle noise, listen to their inner strength and step up into the Warrior they are right now so they can take charge in every area of their life with kick-ass confidence and certainty.


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