Shannon liberates big-dreaming, big-hearted, big-to-do-list women from all the STUFF that shows up when you start and grow a business. She does this by through her ground breaking Thrive Factor Experience – an archetypal profiling framework, designed specifically for women to empower them with tangible insights into their own mindset, relationship with money and more effortless way to market and create magnetism.

It allows her clients to draw the very best clients, opportunities, confidence and more towards themselves because they now have the permission they need to show up as the very best version of themselves in their business and life.

She is often referred to as a Business Yoda and we think you’ll understand why after taking a listen to this episode.

The Crisp Takeaways

* Yum *

Can business be effortless? Shannon will explain why it not only can be, but it should be!

– Her favourite words are; effortless, thrive and permission – so good!

– Effortless isn’t about doing no work at all – but rather finding ways to make it easier and more in flow. Shannon talks a lot about ‘effortless success’ – which is about the result of intentional effort.

– Business can be easier than a lot of us make it and that the core at the work that Shannon does with her clients. Her business mantra is always “How can this be easier?”

– We talked a lot about what it means to ‘go with the flow’ 

“When we really come to know ourselves, we can step into the space where we give ourselves permission to own the strengths that we have.

It also allows us to understand our potential challenges and be

ready to manage them.”

You may have noticed, this is not a regular nuts-and-bolts podcast about copy. You can get those elsewhere. We’re looking for Crisp new ways to discuss wordy elements so if you have a suggestion, drop me a line

Connect with Shannon

Shannon has a singular purpose – to bring effortless success to business. But how she delivers her unique method of coaching is diverse, inventive, and consistently refined in line with each individual client or company she serves.

Combining over 20 years of coaching, mentoring, educating, and consulting along with a childhood spent in keen observation of family business machinations gives her a unique perspective and empathy for small business owners. At the core, her own small business, Creative Possibility, provides innovative business coaching and strategy to her clients to learn new skills, identify challenges, gain clarity, and confidently create success. She’s a big picture business liberator with the specific gift of honing in on the small details – the best mix.

Creative Possibility Website

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Connect with Jay

The Crisp Copy Class – part course, part community, all class. 

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