“The amount of times I sit down with a client and ask them, “so what are you actually going to sell?” They have an incredible social media profile and opt ins on their website and a page that says Work With Me and there are no sales occurring.”

The Truth About Profit – Lauren June

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If you’ve ever heard me tell the story about the business strategist I let into the backend of my cart and add an extra zero or two to my prices while I happily drank her wine and rewrote her website, this is that woman.

She’s my favourite money lady, which is really saying something, because money and I haven’t always been friends.

In fact, if I have a business that’s profitable at all, and not just income generating, but giving me enough to take a living wage from, it’s because of Lauren June.

She facilitated the relationship between myself and my money so we could fall in love and respect each other, and I’m so thrilled to be giving her to all of you incredible listeners so she can drop some hard truths about profit atcha and, just perhaps, you can start a love affair with your own bottom line.

The Crisp Takeaways

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8.56: “A lot of being in business is also learning from experiences. And back then I remember being so excited about sharing all of the knowledge and then realizing over the years that that’s all well and good, but I’m doing a disservice to my clients if I try and say all the things at once. You end up with a client in tears.

Which is why recently I went through and started creating what I call the Profit.Able roadmap so that when we start to look at our business, we can go, alright, are we at the starting point? Are we at, you know, the growth point scale? Like where are we at and what should we be concentrating on? So instead of having all of the information thrown at us all of the time and becoming overwhelmed and you know, the perfectionism starts to come out and they procrastinate and all of the things, being able to sort of turn around and look at something and go, all right, where should I start?”

12.09: “The amount of times that I sit down with a client, I’m like, OK, so what are you actually going to sell? And they have an incredible social media profile. And they have opt-ins on their website and they have something that says Buy Now and it says Work With Me. But there’s actually no sales occurring. And that’s because you don’t necessarily have an actual product. I quite often say “we need to put a barcode on your head so that when you do that marketing, there is something that people could like pick up and scan through the register and pay for. They understand that there is actually something there for sale versus, Oh my God, I really liked that lady. I follow her on social media. I don’t really know what she does. You know, she’s like, she talks, she’s really smart.””

13.10: “I love marketing. I, I nerd out on it. But ultimately it’s not the thing we should be looking at straight away in business. We actually have to create something to sell. And the big secret with that is it can change. As we grow in business, we can, you know, add more services, take services away, create products, courses, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to stay the same,

but to start making money, we actually have to have something that is saleable.”



Connect with Lauren

I’m Lauren June and I’ve decided I can be as many things as I want; Business Strategist + Money Maven + Bossy Boots + Magazine Owner + Marketing Nerd + Agency CEO + Multipotentialite Business Owner

I currently have 3 businesses. Which some people think is mad. The thing is – I know how to make all of them run effectively without me going into a full-scale breakdown or haemorrhaging cash. I’m organised but flexible. I have a good grasp of big-picture thinking but can handle small details. I’m a fixer – I see a problem and I am already brainstorming on how to help. Which is incredibly helpful for you if we work together.

More importantly, I’m interested in what you want.

Because, when it comes down to it, you need to do real business, really well, but your way.

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