Top 5 Most Loved Podcast Episodes From 2020

So Crisp Podcast

I talked.

You listened.

And I’m so utterly grateful for that, I could cry.

(Actually, I did; the day So Crisp hit 5,000 downloads!)

2020 ended with the podcast being downloaded nearly 10,000 times by good folk from all over the world including Hamburg (hey!), London, the US, and my home-town, Australia.

And here are the top 5 episodes you loved, according to some snazzy Whooshkaa insights.

1. Louise O’Reilly on Culturally Inclusive Language

Taking out top spot for 2020 was the conversation Louise and I had about culturally inclusive language. This was Louise’s first ever podcast, which you’d never guess listening to it, and it’s surely not her last. She’s fast becoming Australia’s go-to speaker and educator on Aboriginal perspectives for cultural inclusivity and this podcast episode is a pleasure to listen to, and it will make you seriously think about your current practices and how you can improve them. If you haven’t listened to this episode, it’ll change the way you communicate, I promise.

Take a listen here.

2. Unmuted with Neha Awasthi

This episode turned out to be a very personal, quite intimate reflection on how Neha found her own brand, found her voice, and how she navigated some pretty soul-denting racism and silencing in a once-beloved online community. Bonus: there’s a lot of laughing, because Neha is one of the most joyful people you can welcome into your podcast feed.

Take a listen here.

3. Words To Scrap From Your Copy with ME!

In 2020, I finally took my own podcast a bit seriously. Before last year, it was a bit of fun – a place to create the content I’d like to listen to – it was never meant to be a boring or bland ‘nuts and bolts’ poddy. But as I took more women through the Crisp Copy Class and then launched Unfail Your Email and the Blogathon, I started getting feedback there wasn’t enough basic copywriting advice coming at fine businesswomen from the Crisp Copy universe until they signed up for one of my courses. But hey, I thought, it’s all on my blog. HUZZAH! Cuppa Copy Solominicopysodes were born! They’re super short, super punchy, and I hope you think they aren’t bland or boring. And this little baby made the No 3 spot for most listened to episodes during the year.

Listen why.

4. Starting a business when English isn’t your ‘heart’ language with Riki Deale

Riki took more wooing to get onto the So Crisp podcast than some of my high-profile guests. But she’s worth it. In fact, that’s one of So Crisp’s missions – to amplify the voices of women you perhaps haven’t heard on a thousand other podcasts. Women with singular stories. Women who have conversations that resonate with many of you. And this one did.

Take a listen here.

Brand Voice Development Crisp Copy

5. H2H Marketing with Angela Henderson and Instagram & Influence with Tracy Harris

Rounding out the Top 5 Most Loved So Crisp list are these two powerhouses. I mean, just looking at them side by side will increase your business success by 500%*

* Individual results may vary

But seriously, these two episodes are no surprise. Angela Henderson spoke at a thousand miles a minute (as is her MO) about the importance of humanity in marketing and Tracy Harris (Mums With Hustle) shared so much of herself on this episode she admitted she’d started to sweat. She even allowed me to publish the first ever post-recording chat ever to appear on So Crisp.

You’ve got to listen to Angela Henderson here and Tracy Harris here.

Honourable Mention: Power Words and Food with Nina Mills

Leaving this episode out of a Top List would have been a travesty. Simply because of the sheer number of social media and email responses it delivered. It seems MOST of you who listened to Nina Mills talk about food, the diet industry, our ability to tie our success and belief about our business to our weight, and drop some serious truth bombs on us had such an impressive impact, it was a driver for so many women to reach out and let me know what a huge turning point listening to this particular episode was for them.

If you haven’t already, you should listen to it here.

So, what’s next for So Crisp?

My 2 week hiatus is over and as of this morning, So Crisp is back on the air.

Today will deliver you a brand new Cuppa Copy where I’m hating on website sliders, and this Friday tune in to hear Jenny De Lacy talk about what happens when you decide you’ve painted yourself into a nichey corner and want out – but everyone is watching.

If you’re one of the 10,000 people who have listened and loved on So Crisp, I’d so adore hearing about it. The best thing you can do (besides sponsor an episode!) is leave So Crisp a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review, and you can do that right here.

Thank you so incredibly much for letting me in your earholes in 2020. I hope to entertain, educate, delight, all while probably say some sweary words, again in 2021.

Stay Crisp!

(So Crisp!)


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